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COVID Commission Says Pandemic Response 'Caused $18 trillion in economic losses to the U.S.'
Kansas AG Sues Pfizer Over 'False and Misleading Marketing' of Covid Vaccine
Covid Vaccines May Be Driving Excess Deaths, New Research Shows
COVID-19 Vaccination Tied to Dramatic Rise in Cardiac Deaths, New Study Finds
AstraZeneca Admits In Court Docs Its Covid Vaccine Can Cause Blood Clots
Federal Judge Orders CDC To Release Data On 7.8 Million Covid Vaccine Adverse Event Reports
Pfizer Hid Nearly 80% of Covid Vaccine Trial Deaths From Regulators
Hospitals Reinstate Mask Mandates Despite Study Claiming They 'Make Little to No Difference'
Trump Says He Doesn't Know Who Awarded Fauci With A Presidential Commendation
FDA Authorizes New COVID-19 Boosters
First Lady Jill Biden Tests Positive for COVID-19
Laws Passed After COVID-19 Pandemic Prevent Mask Mandates In Arizona
Ice Cube Says He Stood On His Convictions Deciding Against COVID-19 Vaccination
'I Thought It Was Chicken S---': Ice Cube Comments On Turning Down Movie Role After Producers Required Vaccination For COVID-19
Ammunition Store Says Dr. Peter Hotez Should Be Treated As A Criminal
Rochelle Walensky Resigns as CDC Director
COVID-19 Pandemic Began With Two Lab Leaks In 2019, New Report Concludes
White House Officially Ends COVID-19 National Emergency Ahead of Previously Set Date
UPDATE: California Man Arrested On Day State Of Emergency Ends Has GoFundMe Blocked
U.S. Government Now Supports COVID Lab Leak Theory
Media Outlets Accuse Woody Harrelson Of Spreading Anti-Vax, COVID-19 Conspiracy Theories
New York City Ends COVID-19 Vaccination Mandate for Workers
People Perceived As 'Less Attractive' More Likely To Continue Wearing Masks: New Study
EXCLUSIVE: Los Angeles County Allowing Employees Paid Time Off For Vaccine Recovery
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