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White House Reportedly Wants To Replace Harris, Biden In Decline

The White House is reportedly unwilling to address issues with Biden and Harris, though privately discuss their concerns, according to White House Cyber Official Charlie Kraiger

White House Reportedly Wants To Replace Harris, Biden In Decline

A White House Cyber Official said the White House wants to replace Vice President Kamala Harris and President Joe Biden was in a mental decline, according to a new O'Keefe Media Group (OMG) video.

The video features a disguised O'Keefe chatting in a coffee shop with White House Cyber Official Charlie Kraiger, who confirmed he was "fairly high up" in ranking and "fairly good at keeping secrets."

Kraiger said he managed security for two federal agencies, the State Department, and United States Agency for Interational Development (USAID).

During their conversation, the disguised O'Keefe asked if Biden would be the Democratic presidential nominee this November, to which Kraiger appeared to confirm he would be.

"And [Kamala Harris] will be the vice president nominee," Kraiger said. "There was a debate about removing her from the ticket, but sadly they didn't.”

Kraiger said Harris couldn't "keep black staff" because "they quit on her en masse."

O'Keefe transitioned to Biden saying the president had "dementia," to which Kraiger said he was aware.

"He's definitely slowing down," Kraiger said of Biden.

O'Keefe asked if others in the Biden administration were aware of the president's mental decline. Kraiger said he believed the administration was aware, adding Biden's "polling shows it."

The OMG founder suggested the administration was unwilling to address their issues with Biden publicly, to which the White House Cyber Official agreed.

"Correct. And the same thing with Kamala Harris, is she's not popular," Kraiger added. "But you can't remove the first black lady to be vice president from the godd--- presidential ticket."

"Like, what kind of message are you going to send to like African-American voters?" he asked. "How would you spin that?"

"People would be like, 'What the f---?'" Kraiger said. "Like, she's a woman and she's multiracial."

Kraiger said he believed the administration was equally concerned about Harris' perception along with Biden.

"Can't say it publicly ... gotta toe the line," Kraiger added, though admitted concerns over Biden and Harris were privately discussed. "I'm just telling you what I've heard."

The White House Cyber Official said he had a meeting with former First Lady Michelle Obama while he was an intern. When someone asked her about a potential White House run, the former first lady reportedly "emphatically” declined to run.

"I've seen all the s-- my husband [Barack] has had to go through, and that does not interest me," Obama said, according to Kraiger.

Kraiger and O'Keefe also discussed the COVID-19 pandemic and subsequent push to mandate vaccination against the virus, to which the White House Cyber Official said he said "f--- you" to those averse to seeking vaccination.

"You're not going to get the vaccine and then you're going to expose my family in the hospital," Kraiger said. "You're unvaccinated. ... Like, f--- you."

The conversation took a dramatic turn as the OMG founder reiterated Kraiger was a White House Cyber Official before pulling his disguise glasses off and asking what Kraiger was doing on a meeting with James O'Keefe.

"What type of cyber security operation are you guys running over there?" O'Keefe said, noting he was the founder of Project Veritas, which he served as a chairman of from its 2010 inception until his ousting last year.

"How do you think it looks to the American people that working in the office of Cybersecurity, you're sitting across the table with James O'Keefe?” he asked?

O'Keefe will release the second half of his interaction with Kraiger tomorrow.

As of Wednesday afternoon, Kraiger's X account has been set to private.

Editor's Note: A previous version of this article misspelled the phrase "toe the line" as "tow the line."

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