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WATCH: The Daily Wire Releases 'Woke' Parody Commercial To Launch Redesigned Razors

Black Jeremy: 'Woke razor companies love to take your money while trampling on your values. Me? I just love your money'

WATCH: The Daily Wire Releases 'Woke' Parody Commercial To Launch Redesigned Razors

The Daily Wire released a "woke" parody sequel to their debut 2022 Jeremy's Razors commercial in promotion of their newly redesigned razor.

Dubbed the "2nd Greatest Commercial Ever," the ad introduces "Black Jeremy," played by actor and conservative personality Siaka Massaquoi, who attempts to replace The Daily Wire's co-CEO Jeremy Boreing in an effort to give the Jeremy's Razors brand a diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI) makeover.

Similar to "Greatest Commercial Ever," which launched the Jeremy's Razors brand, the advertisement opens with Black Jeremy driving up to The Daily Wire's Nashville headquarters in a sports car.

"Oh, hey. I'm Jeremy Boreing. CEO of Daily Wire, and founder of Jeremy's Razors," says Massaquoi, who is accompanied by a woman wearing a Native American outfit along with another woman holding a flame thrower. "Woke razor companies love to take your money while trampling on your values."

"Me? I just love your money," Black Jeremy says before grabbing the flame thrower and firing it at the camera.

Boreing can be heard offscreen yelling "Cut!" before questioning "what the hell" was going on.

The Daily Wire's Ben Shapiro then enters, serving as the commercial's director, and reprimands Boreing for cutting production.

"What, do you run Hollywood now?" Boreing asks in a tongue in cheek reference to Shapiro's Jewish heritage and faith.

"Too on the nose?" Shapiro asks before explaining that Black Jeremy and the entourage of diversity hires were filming a new commercial to appease customers looking for diversity an inclusion.

"Customers want Black Jeremy," Shapiro says, motioning to Massaquoi.


The group goes on to comment and joke about DEI hiring initiatives as Boreing suggests black Americans might find it offensive to be race swapped with traditionally white characters rather than have original black characters created.

"Hell yeah, it is," Black Jeremy agreed, to which one of the women accompanying Boreing a:dds "We don't do it for people of color. We do it for liberal white women."

The group continues discussing DEI initiatives as a "body positivity" hire chimes in.

"Think of all the razors you'll sell," Shapiro says as Boreing questions the woke commercial production.

Black Jeremy then proposes playing Boreing's character, though less "b----y," to which a flustered Boreing walks off set.

The commercial then cuts to Boreing sitting in a throne and wearing a crown as he states: "Jeremy's Razors isn't for liberal white women. It's for men. Conservative men."

"So, stop giving your money to woke corporations that hate you. Give it to me instead," Boreing continues as Black Jeremey walks in front of the camera and says, "Hey liberal white ladies. You know what's up."

Boreing announced the newly introduced razor design in an X post.

"Woke corporations spend all of your money on DEI. We spent it on a better razor (and a blacker Jeremy)," Boreing wrote. "Introducing the Second Generation Jeremy’s Razor - radically redesigned so you can shave like a man, not a manifesto."

The new razor design features an ergonomically redesigned handle for "superior durability and control," and comes in "Sprint 3" and "Precision 5" blade options. The new razors also feature more flexability to prevent nicks and cuts, along with a lubricating strip infused with argan oil and aloe to "indulge" skin.

In March 2022, the Daily Wire launched Jeremy’s Razors in response to Harry’s Razors dropping their sponsorship from the outlet’s podcasts a year prior citing “values misalignment” regarding a statement from Daily Wire host Michael Knowles. Jeremy’s Razors were followed up by the launch of Jeremy’s Chocolate in March 2023.

Along with Jeremy’s Chocolate, the Daily Wire’s brand has since expanded and introduced other men’s grooming products including shampoo, conditioner and soap.

Aside from newly redesigned razors, The Daily Wire's announced a product expansion into men's wellness company Responsible Man earlier this month.

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