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Trump Officially Secures Enough Delegates For The Republican Nomination

'We now have to go on to victory because our country's in serious trouble'

Trump Officially Secures Enough Delegates For The Republican Nomination

After dominating the primary field, former President Donald Trump has officially secured enough delegates to become the Republican presidential nominee.

Trump's nomination comes after Tuesday's state elections in Georgia, Mississippi, and Washington state, which the former president handily won. Hawaii also held their Republican caucus on Tuesday evening, though results have not yet been reported.

As of Tuesday night, Trump received 1,228 of the 1,215 needed to secure the Republican nomination.

Trump released a statement on Truth Social following his official nomination as the Republican presidential candidate.

"It is my great honor to be representing the Republican Party as its Presidential Nominee," Trump wrote. "Our Party is UNITED and STRONG, and fully understands that we are running against the Worst, Most Incompetent, Corrupt, and Destructive President in the History of the United States. Millions of people are invading our Country, many from prisons and mental institutions of other Countries."

The former president said high interest rates and inflation plagued the nation's middle class along with a failing economy under President Joe Biden's administration. Trump also noted a rising stock market indicated his imminent re-election this November.

"We are now, under Crooked Joe Biden, a Third World Nation, which uses the Injustice System to go after his political opponent, ME!" Trump continued. "But fear not, we will not fail, we will take back our once great Country, put AMERICA FIRST, and MAKE AMERICA GREAT AGAIN - GREATER THAN EVER BEFORE."

"November 5th will go down as the most important day in the history of our Country! GOD BLESS AMERICA," he added.

Trump later posted a video to Truth Social commenting on his nomination, touting himself as America's "favorite president."

"The Republican National Committee has just declared us the official nominee," he said. "We now have to go on to victory because our country's in serious trouble."

The former president lamented the border crisis, the United States' lack of respect on the world stage, a struggling economy, and issues with the country's military.

"This was a great day of victory," he continued. "Last week was something special, Super Tuesday. But now we have to get back to work because we have the worst president in the history of our country."

"Our nation is failing," Trump warned. "We're a nation that is in serious decline. We've never had a situation like this where we're not respected, we're laughed at, we're considered almost a joke."

The former president went on to say, "We're gonna drill baby, drill," in reference to his energy policy, along with securing the nation's southern border.

"We're going to do things like nobody's ever seen before, and we're gonna make our nation's economy be the best ever in the world," Trump said. "We had the best economy ever just a short while ago, and we're gonna have that again."

Trump noted current energy costs topped overall costs worldwide.

"And yet we have more liquid gold, I call it, under our feet than any other nation," he said in reference to crude oil. "Just three years ago we were energy independent, and now we're going around begging for energy."

"We're not gonna have that anymore," he continued. "We're gonna have a strong country. We're gonna have a respected country. We have to win an election, and we should win it by a lot, because there's never been anybody worse at doing that job than Joe Biden."

Trump encouraged holding off for celebration until the November election, insisting the upcoming general election would be "the most important day in the history of our country."

"They are destroying our country, and we're not gonna let that happen," he concluded.

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