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Romney Endorses Sen. Britt As Republican VP Pick

The Utah senator suggested Britt is who ‘liberals most fear’ as a VP candidate

Romney Endorses Sen. Britt As Republican VP Pick

Following a lukewarm response to her State of the Union rebuttal, outgoing Utah Sen. Mitt Romney proposed Alabama Sen. Katie Britt as the Republican vice president pick this November.

Critics noted Britt's rebuttal speech came across as inauthentic, while others noted the response resembled that of a theater student's performance.

"In a good way, the delivery was over-the-top, out of character," Romney said of Biden's Thursday SOTU speech. "Katie Britt's too."

"The media overreaction to hers not his tells us who liberals most fear as VP nominee," he added.

Britt delivered her rebuttal to Biden's SOTU speech while sitting in her family's kitchen. The Alabama senator said the president was as "out of touch," and noted families were "worse off" and noted communities had become unsafe under the Biden's administration.

"The American dream has turned into a nightmare for so many families," Britt warned. "The true unvarnished state of our union begins and ends with this: Our families are hurting. Our country can do better, and you don't have to look any further than the crisis at our southern border to see it."

The Alabama senator panned Biden's open border policies along with the accompanying influx of drugs and sex trafficking across the southern border.

"We wouldn't be okay with this happening in a third world country," Britt said, appearing to become emotional. "This is the United States of America and it is past time in my opinion, that we start acting like it. President Biden's border policies are a disgrace. This crisis is despicable, and the truth is it is almost entirely preventable."

"Y'all, as a mom, I can't quit thinking about this," she said in reference to 22-year-old nursing student Laken Riley, who was allegedly murdered by an illegal immigrant from Venezuela late last month. "I mean, this could have been my daughter, this could have been yours. And tonight President Biden finally said her name. He refused to take responsibility for his own actions."

"Mr. President, enough is enough. Innocent Americans are dying and you only have yourself to blame," Britt added. "Fulfill your oath of office, reverse your policies, end this crisis and stop the suffering."

Former President Donald Trump praised Britt's response in a Truth Social post.

"Katie Britt was a GREAT contrast to an Angry, and obviously very Disturbed, 'President,'" Trump wrote. "She was compassionate and caring, especially concerning Women and Women's issues. Her conversation on Migrant Crime was powerful and insightful. Great job Katie!"

Scarlett Johansson mocked Britt's response during a sketch on Saturday Night Live (SNL).

”You see, I’m not just a mother,” Johansson said during her bit. “I’m a wife, a mother, and the craziest b---- in the Target parking lot.”

Aside from Romney, others have noted Britt may be on Trump's short-list for vice president.

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