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'The View' Praises Upcoming Trump, Biden Debate Hosted By CNN

Whoopi Goldberg falsely claimed Trump left his podium during a 2016 debate with Hillary Clinton

'The View' Praises Upcoming Trump, Biden Debate Hosted By CNN

The View praised CNN's rules for the upcoming presidential debate between former President Donald Trump and President Joe Biden.

On Wednesday, Biden challenged Trump to two debates, which the former president agreed to shortly after. It was later confirmed the two would participate in a debate on June 27 and Sept. 10 hosted by CNN and ABC, respectively.

The View praised CNN and discussed the upcoming debate rematch between Trump and Biden during a broadcast of the program later that day.

Whoopi Goldberg noted there would be no live audience during the debate, and mics would be cut after each respondent's time has expired.

"I think it's fair," Goldberg said before referencing Trump's 2016 presidential debate with former Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton. "When they allowed him to go behind Hillary Clinton and stalk her, and they didn't say, 'Hey! Get back to the podium.'"

The actress appeared to misremember the incident as the debate in question with Clinton was a town hall and did not include podiums, though said the incident was the "crowning thing" that formed her opinion on the former president.

Fellow co-host Alyssa Farah-Griffin, the program's resident conservative host, said it was "smart" of Biden to "get ahead" of Trump by offering to debate. However, Farah-Griffin did not acknowledge Trump's prior offers to debate Biden.

"It's a recognition that they're neck-and-neck in the polls," she continued. "I think that the Biden team is recognizing maybe the trial isn't breaking through in the way that having Donald Trump in every American living room answering tough policy questions head-to-head with him will remind them who he is, what his second term will look like."

Farah-Griffin lauded CNN's parameters for the debate, though noted cutting mics off could "descend into absolute chaos." Fellow co-host Sunny Hostin, a lawyer, said the debate would be "good for democracy," though noted many Americans do not watch nor decide who to support in the election based on their debate performance.

"Biden clearly has the edge," Hostin said. "Every answer starts with, 'Well, my opponent who has been criminally convicted,' or 'Well, my opponent who is facing ... been twice impeached ... who is facing three other criminal trials.' I mean, it's gold. It's very easy."

Co-host Joy Behar noted many Americans viewed Trump as a victim following his legal troubles, adding she did not believe Biden should have asked for the debate to be held without an audience or that mics should be cut off after the allotted time.

Goldberg then claimed Trump would back out of the debate.

"He's a backer outter anyway," she said.

"He's gonna come across as the low information candidate that he is," Behar added. "He doesn't know what he's talking about. Not for nothing, [but] President Biden has been in the Senate."

"He's gonna study," Goldberg said cutting off Behar. "And then he's gonna get pissed, and then he's gonna go off the rails."

Behar then compared Trump to Bozo the Clown and Biden to a statesman.

"He knows what he's talking about," she said of Biden. "So all this guy can do is stump it ... like he did to poor Hillary."

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