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Students Deface 'Lady Ballers' Advertisement On Florida Campus

'It’s a transphobic film against trans women, and I think that trans women should have rights'

Students Deface 'Lady Ballers' Advertisement On Florida Campus

A group of students at the University of Florida expressed frustration at the college's decision to screen The Daily Wire's latest comedy Lady Ballers.

The University of Florida's chapter of the Young America's Foundation (YAF) is promoting the upcoming April 4 event and advertised the film's screening in chalk on the university's sidewalk.

The advertisement informed students of the event's date and also announced a question and answer session would be held with co-stars of the film Jake and Blaine Crain, along with David Cone at Florida's Emerson Alumni Hall.

In a video filmed by YAF's Aléjandro Flores, a female student is seen walking on the chalk advertisement appearing to deface the message. When asked why she was walking on the advertisement, the female student said the advertisement was "transphobic."

Flores pushed back on the student's response, to which she doubled down insisting the message was offensive.

"Trans women are in fact women," she told Flores. "I'm sorry to disappoint you, but trans women are women."

The two briefly engaged in a back and forth disagreement before the woman questioned, "You're gonna tell me what a woman is?"

"Can you define it?" Flores asked, to which the female responded, "A woman. Anyone who self-identifies as a woman."

The woman is then joined by another man carrying a step stool as she informs him, "They're trying to get triggered libtard YouTube compilation."

“I’m sorry you guys have nothing better to do than to write transphobic comments on there," the male student responds.

“It’s not transphobia; it’s just the truth and we’re announcing an event that’s coming up,” Flores responded. “The Daily Wire is bringing out Lady Ballers.”

Several other men approached Flores as the woman began pouring water on the chalk advertisement in another attempt to erase the message.

"It's against school policy to deface chalk," Flores informs the woman,  to which she disagreed.

"Oh well," the woman says as she continues pouring water on the advertisement. “It’s a transphobic film against trans women, and I think that trans women should have rights."

Flores repeated his initial question asking what a woman is, to which the woman responded, "Women that identify as transgender."

"Y'all are acting like children," Flores said. "They're just simply advertising an event."

"Because you're advertising a fake movie that Ben Shapiro tried to make a documentary, couldn't find it and had to hire f---ing actors to play fake trans women because you people can't accept that trans people are real," the woman says as she collects her bags.

As the students left Flores, the man holding a step stool says, “You know, watching so much gay s--- kinda sounds gay if you know what I mean.”

University of Florida's YAF chair Caitlyn McCoy responded to the video in a statement to The Daily Wire, noting "Chalking is one of the best ways we advertise our events to students, faculty, and staff on campus.”

“[University of Florida] YAF’s chalk is always met with buckets of water and angry students who try to silence speech,” McCoy added. “It’s clear that there’s some students on campus who think basic biology is wrong and are fuming over a comedy film.”

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