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'Still Haven't Been Kissed As A Girl': Dylan Mulvaney Comments On Dating Post Facial Feminization Surgery

'The One Thing I Can Assure You Is That I'm Going To Be The Best Girlfriend Ever'

'Still Haven't Been Kissed As A Girl': Dylan Mulvaney Comments On Dating Post Facial Feminization Surgery

TikTok influencer Dylan Mulvaney, who identifies as a transgender woman, expressed frustration over having not been kissed since assuming a female identity.

Mulvaney recently underwent facial feminizing surgery

"Tomorrow is Valentine's Day and it seemed like the right time for an update," the TikTok influencer said, jokingly adding “there's not much new to report."

"I still haven't been kissed as a girl and I assumed that I would have had that happen before day 365, but every day I'm realizing that probably won't happen."


Mulvaney said "all is well" though noted the TikTok influencer had "put [themself] out there."

"I asked my friends to set me up, I'm in the apps," Mulvaney continued, noting the TikTok influencer had been accepted to membership-based social network application Raya. "I would match with someone and get all excited and then get unmatched, and I was like 'what kind of sick game is this?'"

Mulvaney lamented the TikTok influencer's apparent lack of success in dating, expressing concern over potential dates "ghosting" or ignoring and abandoning all further conversation.

"I could go on one of these dates ... I could even kiss the person ... but what if they ghost me after that?" Mulvaney asked. "I gave my first kiss as a girl to someone random."

Mulvaney noted their facial feminization surgery had "completely changed things mentally."

"Now I can walk into a party and feel confident enough to flirt with someone and not instantly shut myself down from the idea," Mulvaney said. "It's also nice knowing that they are meeting me post surgery rather than having [surgery] during a relationship."

"The one thing I can assure you is that I'm going to be the best girlfriend ever," the TikTok influencer concluded. "And that person is going to have a lot of fun, and I can't wait."

Mulvaney underwent facial feminizing surgery in December.

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