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Shaman Arrested For Vandalizing Popular YouTuber's House

Boogie2988: 'It’s likely that he will be released on bond at some point and we will have to be cautious then. But for now we are golden.'

Shaman Arrested For Vandalizing Popular YouTuber's House

Ryan Arthur DiLiello, who adopted the moniker "Flaming Star" and refers to himself as a professional shaman, is reportedly in Fayetteville police custody after allegedly vandalizing veteran YouTuber Steven Williams, who goes by the handle Boogie2988.

DeLiello was featured in Williams' 2023 documentary The Dark, Sad Life of Boogie2988 by YouTuber Mike Clum, which details the veteran YouTuber's career decline and personal struggles. In the documentary, DeLiello facilitates and supervised a psilocybin "magic" mushrooms session with Williams.

After their work in the documentary, Williams and DeLiello maintained an association as the shaman offered other weight loss and financial coaching to Williams over a three-day period at the veteran YouTuber's house.

While out of town last Wednesday, Williams announced his house and roommate's car had been vandalized with spray paint. Williams' garage had been tagged "THIEF" and "PEDPHILE." His roommate's car had similarly had the windshield and driver's window vandalized with red spray paint.

The veteran YouTuber alleged DeLiello was responsible for the vandalism on his property last week after the two had a falling out over funds regarding Williams' Magic the Gathering card collection

Williams announced DeLiello was in police custody on Monday afternoon.

"We were just alerted by the city of Fayetteville that Flaming Star is in custody!!!!" Williams wrote. "We are safe!!!!"

Williams, who previously expressed fear that DeLiello may harm him, said the shaman would likely be released on bond, adding he would have to exercise caution at that point.

"But for now we are golden," he added.

Later Monday evening, Williams' shared DeLiello's mugshot and arrest record from Fayetteville Police Department, though later deleted the post.

DiLiello, who claims to be a Chief of a Native American tribe, participated in a Sunday interview with YouTuber LunarParks, and dispelled Williams' claims.

The shaman, who also refers to himself as a financial guru and claims to have made $5.3 billion in his lifetime, said Williams approached him for financial advice and offered to sell his Magic the Gathering card collection for $100,000 after his work on the documentary.


DeLiello said he and Williams signed a hand-written contract, which was provided in an early February episode of Williams' podcast, LolcowLive.

The hand-written contract, which DeLiello claimed to have signed in his own blood, noted both parties would consent to the exchange of Williams' Magic the Gathering card collection after it was evaluated by DeLiello for the sum of no less than $100,000.

During the interview, the shaman claimed a mutual associate of himself and Williams "stole" the veteran YouTuber's card collection from his truck, voiding the contract. DeLiello went on to admit to committing some vandalism on Williams' property, which the veteran YouTuber said he was not initially aware of at the time.

"I actually picked up the lid that covers the water ... and threw it through the window that he streams out of," DeLiello said. "Threw it through the window, hoping that [Williams] was sitting there."

"Then I backed my truck up to his front door and peeled out with my truck from the front door all the way to the f---ing street," he continued. "Ruined his lawn."

Williams, who was in Ohio during the incident, shared a photo of the damaged window, which was provided by his roommate, in a Sunday afternoon X post.

Although DiLiello admitted to vandalizing Williams' window and lawn, the shaman said someone else was responsible for the spray-painting damage.

"Why would somebody firebomb the house, throw a f---ing thing through the f---ing window, peel out from the door to the driveway, and then the house gets spray painted and the car gets spray painted," DiLiello said, appearing to suggest Williams deserved the vandalism. "People don't do that if they didn't do anything wrong."

DeLiello went on to allege Williams owed him and his tribe a total of $127,000 for his weight loss coaching and voiding their contract over Williams' card collection.

Williams featured the vandalism in a Monday YouTube video upon returning to his house.


Prior to DeLiello's Monday arrest, Williams said the shaman allegedly harassed another another person in Fayetteville demanding money.

A member of the Lolcow Live podcast said he also interviewed DeLiello, which will be released during their Tuesday livestream.

DiLiello was previously arrested in Washington County, Arkansas for domestic battery in the 3rd degree.

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