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KJP Says Recent Footage Of Biden Freezing, Trailing Off Are 'Cheap Fakes'

Jean-Pierre said Republicans were acting in 'bad faith' by criticizing the president's seemingly odd behavior

KJP Says Recent Footage Of Biden Freezing, Trailing Off Are 'Cheap Fakes'

White House Press Secretary Karine Jean-Pierre labeled recent footage of President Joe Biden appearing to be lost in recent days as manipulated "cheap fakes."

During last week's G7 flag ceremony, Biden appeared to become distracted and stray away from fellow world leaders. Footage of the event shows Italian Prime Minister Giorgia Meloni arm-leading Biden back to the group. Biden also appeared to freeze in place before former President Barack Obama grabbed his arm and led him off stage during a Saturday fundraiser in Los Angeles.

Jean-Pierre responded to the incidents during a Monday press briefing, claiming the story had been falsely reported. The White House press secretary also noted Obama's senior advisor Eric Scultz claimed the fundraiser incident "did not happen."

"Let's not forget, President Obama [and] President Biden have a relationship," Jean-Pierre said, noting the two were friends. "They're like family to each other, and I think that's what you saw. You saw the president put his hand on the back of President Biden, and they walked off the stage."

Jean-Pierre said she was unaware of Meloni's interaction with Biden and could not speak to that incident.

"It was a cheap fake. That was definitely a cheap fake. It was," Jean-Pierre said when pressed by a reporter. "This was widely fact-checked ... including by conservative media on what occurred."

Jean-Pierre claimed President Biden walked over to give a thumbs up to skydivers who had landed in front of the group. "If you run that tape a little bit longer, you would see what was happening, what the president was actually doing," she said.

"It is a cheap fake," Jean-Pierre insisted.

Another reporter pushed back on Jean-Pierre, asking if Biden's actions were "totally normal."

"Instead of Republicans, you know, focusing on the president's performance in office and what he's been able to accomplish — his actual record — they do these cheap fakes," Jean-Pierre responded.

Another reporter referenced a recent incident during a Juneteenth celebration in which Biden appeared to freeze in place as the crowd danced to the music.

"Excuse me. I did not know not dancing was a mental ... health issue," Jean-Pierre shot back. "That is a weird thing to actually flag when if you look at the people who are around him, if you look at the expanded video of people who were around him ... there were some folks who were not dancing either."

The White House press secretary went on to criticize Republicans for acting in "bad faith" by criticizing Biden's seemingly odd behavior during events.

The press secretary's coinage of the term "cheap fakes" received criticism from political commentators on X, who variously said the suggestion was implausible "propaganda" and "a new level of lying."

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