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Critics Suggest Candace Owens' Post Calling For Investigation Of 'History,' 'Profiteering Of Pornography' Antisemitic

Owens' post did not explicitly mention or reference Jewish people

Critics Suggest Candace Owens' Post Calling For Investigation Of 'History,' 'Profiteering Of Pornography' Antisemitic

Critics of The Daily Wire's Candace Owens suggested a Wednesday post that referred to pornography as a "weapon of mass destruction" was a dog whistle indicating antisemitism.

Owens' post did not explicitly mention or reference Jewish people.

"Pornography is an intentional weapon of mass destruction," Owens wrote. "It was designed to weaken men with an understanding of their physiological responses."

Owens went on to assert pornography was "designed" to encourage men to explore perversion.

"Time to look into the history and profiteering of pornography," she added.

One user claimed Owens' post was a direct reference to Jewish people.

"Candace Owens now straight up doing the 'Jews invented pornography to destroy western men and western society' schtick," wrote Anthony Koch. "The America Freak Right strikes again."

Koch went on to suggest Owens would be "interviewing and defending actual Nazis" within two years.

The post later received an X community note which stated Owens "at no point in her tweet referenced any ethnic, racial, or gendered group that would, could, should be investigated."

"More specifically nowhere in her tweet did she elude [sic] to, infer, imply, or directly mention Jews, Jewish People, or Israel," the community note added.

Another user by the name Edmund Smirk similarly insisted Owens' post was an "antisemitic dog whistle."

"Candace Owens did not say that we should further regulate, restrict, or even ban porn," the account wrote. "She said that we should 'look into the history and profiteering' of porn, which is a common antisemitic dog whistle."

"If she had said the former, neither I nor any of the non-libertarian conservatives criticizing her would give a s---. We would actually *agree*, to some extent or another," they added.

In response, Owens said Koch's assessment of her post was "utterly insane."

"I tweeted that porn is harming men in our society and this person has interpreted that as an attack on Jews," she wrote. "This is an example of clinical insanity. There is no other explanation."

Smirk also took issue with Owens' response to Koch in another post.

"No, you did not say that. You insinuated that there is a shadowy cabal deliberately pushing porn as a 'weapon' (your word, not mine) from above," they wrote. "That is what you said."

Smirk referred to Owens' reasoning as "obfuscation."

Prominent Jews have also thrown criticism towards The Daily Wire's co-founder Ben Shapiro, who is Jewish, for employing Owens.

"The Daily Wire is profiting off the antisemitism of Candace Owens," wrote Rabbi Schmuley. "The silence of its head Ben Shapiro is deafening."

"I will not remain silent, even if it’s a fellow Jew, who profits off lies about the Jewish people like the blood libel being proffered by Candace Owens," he continued. "Ben Shapiro's refusal to publicly rebut the lies of Candace Owens is unforgivable."

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