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Pentagon's Third Highest Ranking Official to Step Down
U.S. Defense Dept. Undercuts Israeli, Hamas Death Toll Figure
Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin Appears Before Congress About Concealing His Hospitalization
Pentagon Finds No Wrongdoing In Defense Secretary's Secret Hospitalization
Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin Hospitalized Again
Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin Apologizes for Concealing Hospitalization
Activists Create ‘War Criminals’ Playing Cards Featuring U.S., Israeli Leaders
Secretary of Defense Lloyd Austin Called to Testify Before House Committee
House Democrat Calls For Secretary Of Defense Austin's Resignation
House Panel Announces Formal Inquiry Into Austin's Undisclosed Absence
House Republican Seeks Impeachment Of Sec. Of Defense Austin
Trump Calls On Biden To Terminate Sec. Of Defense Austin After Undisclosed Hospital Stay
Defense Secretary Says Troops May be Deployed If Congress Doesn't Provide More Aid to Ukraine
Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin Puts 2,000 US Troops on 'Be Ready to Deploy' Orders 'Should Israel Need Them'
Senator Tuberville Will Maintain Military Promotion Blockade Despite Hamas-Israel Conflict
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