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X, Musk Warn Users Of Manipulating Platform's Monetization Features

X Support: 'Such Actions Will Not Be Tolerated And Could Result In Permanent Suspension'

X, Musk Warn Users Of Manipulating Platform's Monetization Features

X, formerly known as Twitter, has increased enforcement and warned against users attempting to manipulate the platform's monetization features.

Users noted the seemingly arbitrary suspension of several larger accounts on the platform, including @historyinmemes and "why you should have an animal."

X's support account commented on the suspensions, noting the team had stepped up their enforcement of platform manipulation regarding X's recently implemented monetization features.

The accounts were temporarily suspended for "selling/purchasing Post or account metric inflation – selling or purchasing followers or engagements (Reposts, Likes, mentions, X Poll votes)," according to an X Support post linking to the platform's policy on spam and manipulation.

"Such actions will not be tolerated and could result in permanent suspension," X Support wrote early Tuesday. "We aim to create a fair playing field for our creators to earn money."

Tech mogul and X owner Elon Musk similarly shared X Support's warning in his own post.

"Any attempts to manipulate the creator compensation program on this platform will result in account suspension," wrote Musk.

The aforementioned accounts were reinstated shortly after X Support's post.

"Thank you for giving me a second chance, I really appreciate it. X has changed my life, and I won’t make the same mistake twice," wrote @historyinmemes.

One user named "Dr. Vox Oculi" wrote an open letter to Musk and newly appointed CEO Linda Yaccarino expressing frustration with continued censorship and suspensions on the platform.

"If this platform is no longer 'Twitter' and is now 'X,' then the draconian Twitter suspension policy should be no more as well," the account wrote. "A good faith restructuring of this broken ban system into one that is more kind to users would be an incredible olive branch that would restore confidence and build goodwill."

The account continued noting seemingly arbitrary terms of service violations for "nebulous reasons" before receiving permanent account suspensions were absurd and "frankly insulting" to X users.

"Especially those of us who pay for the service and have existed here for over a decade now," the account added.

It is long overdue for a sensible overhaul that actually benefits users, instead of making us have a twinge of fear every time we post. We at least deserve the transparency to know our account status, because not knowing if I am one mistakenly bot-triggered strike away from losing my whole account makes for an awful user experience. Permanent suspensions should be rare, and the appealing process should be swift and streamlined. Having a reasonable forgiveness policy would strengthen trust in the platform and incentivize positive growth. As users of X, we merit an experience that transcends the prevailing anxiety historically associated with Twitter usage.

"A comprehensive and urgent makeover of this platform's penalty policy is imperative to demonstrate its commitment to account security and overall enjoyability," the account's post concluded. "We deeply appreciate you for all that you've done to save this platform from certain doom under previous leadership and I thank you for your consideration on this important matter.

X users have recently been made eligible to receive revenue from the platform for ads placed on their content.

To receive ad revenue from X, users must be subscribed to X Premium or be a Verified Organization through the platform. The user's account must also have at least 500 followers and garner at least 5 million organic impressions on cumulative posts within the last three months.

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