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WATCH: Roseanne Barr Asks Tucker Carlson if He Would Consider Being Trump's Running Mate

WATCH: Roseanne Barr Asks Tucker Carlson if He Would Consider Being Trump's Running Mate

Tucker Carlson has responded to President Donald Trump saying that he would consider choosing him to be his running mate if he is the 2024 presidential nominee.

Unfortunately for fans of the populist pundit, Carlson said that it is about as likely as "an asteroid striking the Earth."

Trump discussed the potential pick during an appearance on “The Clay Travis and Buck Sexton Show” in early November.

“I like Tucker a lot; I guess I would,” Trump said. “I think I’d say I would, because he’s got great common sense.”

“You know, when they say that you guys are conservative, or I’m conservative — it’s not that we’re conservative, we have common sense. We want to have safe borders. We want to have a wall, because walls work,” Trump continued.

On Thursday, Carlson appeared on Roseanne Barr's podcast and was asked about the possibility of him running to be the vice president.

"Oh gosh," Carlson laughed. "I put that in the category of asteroid striking the Earth."

According to NASA, "About once a year, an automobile-sized asteroid hits Earth’s atmosphere, creates an impressive fireball, and burns up before reaching the surface. Every 2,000 years or so, a meteoroid the size of a football field hits Earth and causes significant damage to the area."

Carlson continued, "Good or bad: it's so far out the side outside of my control that I... you know."

"I'm flattered. You know, I've never been in politics," he added.

Barr did not relent, and pressed him about whether or not he would accept if Trump asked him.

"I guess I'd have to think about that," Carlson said. "I mean, I have spent my whole life looking at politicians and commenting on them and passing judgment on them, and I've never run for, you know, room mother."

Carlson continued, "And so the idea of that is so far from anything I've ever done, it's kind of hard even to imagine."

"I certainly support Trump I'll tell you that," Carlson asserted.

I agree with Trump on a lot, but even if I disagreed with Trump on a lot I'd still be a Trump supporter because you cannot allow the regime the president of the United States to use the Justice Department to knock the front runner out of the race. It's bigger than Trump; it's bigger than Biden; it's a question of, you know, do you want to live in a free country with a functioning justice system.

Carlson said that because of this, he is voting for Trump, "and if they convict him I will send him the max donations, and I will lead protests - that's how I feel."

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