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Truth Social Crashes as Trump Was Posting Live Responses to Biden's SOTU

Truth Social Crashes as Trump Was Posting Live Responses to Biden's SOTU

Former President Donald Trump's social media platform Truth Social crashed Thursday evening as he posted live responses to President Joe Biden's State of the Union address.

The presumptive Republican presidential nominee had announced his plan to do a "LIVE, Play by Play, of Crooked Joe Biden’s State of the Union Address," in a post on Truth Social on Wednesday.

Trump had followed his plan and was posting commentary before the speech.

The website went offline at 8:49 pm EST.

"Who kissed him on the cheek with lipstick? Now he’s got lipstick on his face. How stupid of her!" Trump wrote in a post as Biden made his way to the podium.

The former president also expressed his discontent with Biden's late arrival. Pro-Palestine protesters had blocked the motorcade route.

Social media commentators took to X, the platform formerly known as Twitter, to complain about the outage and question if it crashed under traffic or because of an act of "sabotage."

"Intentional sabotage? Or server overload due to anticipation of President Trump’s LIVE play by play rebuttal of Biden’s remarks?" independent journalist Laura Loomer wrote.

Comedian and political commentator Tim Young wrote, "Truth Social is down? Did Trump break the internet by live-truthing?"

The cause of the outage was unclear at the time of publishing.

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