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Trash House Records Releases Cover Of 'Together Again,' Tops iTunes Charts

Timcast Owner And CEO Tim Pool: 'It's no surprise that we hit #1 in only a few hours'

Trash House Records Releases Cover Of 'Together Again,' Tops iTunes Charts

Trash House Records' latest single has topped iTunes' charts.

Timcast owner and CEO Tim Pool released a cover of Smokey Mike & the god-king's single "Together Again" with producer Carter Banks.

Earlier this week, Pool, who also owns SCNR, teased "The Best Song Ever Recorded" would be released on Friday. The track soared to the top of iTunes charts shortly after its release, surpassing K-pop stars BTS and fellow pop star Mariah Carey.

The song is available at thebestsongever.com.

"It's no surprise that we hit #1 in only a few hours," Pool wrote in a Friday X post. "'Together Again' by Smokey Mike And The god-king is the best song ever written."

"We are just riding their coattails," Pool added.

Pool and Banks perform on "Together Again," which is available on all major music platforms.

"It kinda blows my mind how some people don't know about Smokey Mike And The god-king," Banks told SCNR. "If the iPhone had been invented like 20 years earlier, they'd be the stock album, not Bono."

Banks said the duo had "big shoes to fill" in creating their own rendition of the classic Smokey Mike and the god-king song.

"This was quite the undertaking," Banks added of his role as a producer on the track. "But I personally think it's a bop."

The Trash House Records producer said he was pleased with the final product.

"Tim's best vocal performance yet," he continued. "Kent Welling carried the weight of the world on his shoulders making the video happen."


"The song is not anti-woke. The song is normal. We teamed up with The Daily Wire as a double f--- you to the music industry for trying to shut out smaller artists and those who don’t align with their cult-like political views," Pool said of the song.

"In a sea of modern music that is increasingly lacking in quality, an iconic song that captured previous generations is being given new life for today’s generation," Timcast Music said in a press release. "'Together Again’ by the legendary duo Smokey Mike & The god-king–which saw an unprecedented 87-week run at the top of the Spicy 100 charts in 1967 and 1968–has long remained untouched by modern artists, which many say is a testament to its timeless brilliance and the revered, indelible mark it left on the music industry."

"Legendary Artists like Smokey Mike & The god-king have been largely overlooked by today’s mainstream music industry," the press release continued. "But Banks and Pool’s cover embraces the foundation laid by the duo, whose commitment to tradition, quality, and artistry was unshaken by the liberal counterculture movements of the decade — a quality often credited with their historic run at the top of the charts."

"All of these greats like The Beatles, Zeppelin, and Smokey Mike & the god-king–there are a lot of opportunities for modern versions that have not been done properly," Pool added. "Now, a lot of people have covered Zeppelin, of course, but no one’s done a good modern version of ‘Together Again.’ We realized if we get this right, it could be huge."

In August 2022, Pool released his original song, "Only Ever Wanted," which was later followed by his November single, "Genocide," both produced, mixed, and mastered by Banks. In early 2023, Pool released a third single, "Bright Eyes," featuring Phil Labonte, lead singer of heavy metal band All That Remains.

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