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The Daily Wire Launches Men's Health Brand

Responsible Man: 'Together we reclaim masculinity'

The Daily Wire Launches Men's Health Brand

After venturing into grooming and chocolate, The Daily Wire has launched a new line of men's health products.

On Wednesday, the conservative media outlet introduced Responsible Man, featuring a men's Emerson multivitamin packed with 13 core vitamins along with 19 hand-selected nutrients and antioxidants. Responsible Man's multivitamins are currently available for order and ship in a “counter-worthy tin.”

The men's wellness brand plans to introduce a separate regimen supplement later this year.

Customers are welcomed to take advantage of a limited 30% discount while supplies last.

"Corporations soaking up woke insanity is the reason we started Jeremy’s Razors, and it’s the reason our customers’ enthusiasm for our non-woke products convinced us to start Jeremy’s Chocolate, and we’re not stopping there," The Daily Wire wrote of their latest venture. "As it is with Harry’s and Hershey’s, men’s health products also suck."

The Daily Wire's announcement panned Men's Health for it's mission to "Explore the origin, evolution, and current usage of words and phrases used to talk about queer and trans people."

"Sadly, in recent years, men have faced an increasing health risk as studies have shown that among men worldwide, sperm concentration has fallen drastically over the past 50 years, and the drop is accelerating," The Daily Wire's announcement continued. "That’s why men’s health is vitally important, not just for every man, but for the survival of the human race. And Responsible Man has something that can help you keep your health a priority."

In March 2022, the Daily Wire launched Jeremy’s Razors in response to Harry’s Razors dropping their sponsorship from the outlet’s podcasts a year prior citing “values misalignment” regarding a statement from Daily Wire host Michael Knowles. Jeremy's Razors were followed up by the launch of Jeremy's Chocolate in March 2023.

Along with Jeremy’s Chocolate, the Daily Wire’s brand has since expanded and introduced other men’s grooming products including shampoo, conditioner and soap.

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