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The Daily Wire Issues Gag Order On Candace Owens

Candace Owens: 'I wish I could comment on this, but I can't'

The Daily Wire Issues Gag Order On Candace Owens

The Daily Wire has reportedly issued a gag order on former host Candace Owens amidst their public separation and subsequent debate negotiations between the former host and co-founder Ben Shapiro.

Following Owens' March departure from The Daily Wire, the outlet reportedly employed a private arbitrator before seeking and obtaining a gag order against the former host for "violating the non-disparagement clause of her agreement with the company," according to a new report by Glenn Greenwald.

According to Greenwald, The Daily Wire's gag order cites Owens' public request to debate Shapiro as proof of violating contractual agreement of employment with the company. The outlet further cited that Owens "liked" a series of X posts which expressed criticism towards Shapiro and The Daily Wire as their justification for seeking a gag order.

After a restraint hearing, the private arbitrator sided with The Daily Wire and effectively barred Owens from "saying or doing anything in the future which could tarnish or harm" the outlet or Shapiro's reputation.

Owens told Greenwald: "I wish I could comment on this, but I can't." She also said she could not confirm or deny the private arbitration or gag order.

"Your story is inaccurate to the point of being false," Boreing told Greenwald, though did not specify any inaccuracies in his reporting. Likewise, Boreing did not deny the private arbitration or gag order.

"I’m sure you can appreciate how fraught a high profile break-up like this is. For that reason, we are trying to resolve our issues with Candace privately," Boreing added.

Fans and critics speculated Owens' departure stemmed from alleged antisemitic remarks and sentiment expressed on her podcast hosted by the platform, along with other remarks made by Owens across social media. Although the nature of Owens' departure from the outlet has not been officially revealed, language used by Shapiro and Boreing across numerous interviews following Owens' departure appear to suggest either her contract with The Daily Wire had lapsed or the former host was terminated for her alleged antisemitic remarks.

Shortly after Boreing announced The Daily Wire and Owens had ended their business relationship, Owens publicly requested a debate with Shapiro on "Israel and the current definition of antisemitism" on X. The two briefly engaged in a back-and-forth negotiation and were later joined by Boreing, who offered terms which Owens appeared to agree with.

A month after her departure, Owens issued an update on the proposed debate with Shapiro, noting communication on the matter had ceased after a scheduling discrepancy.

"My team reached out immediately suggesting the first week I was back in the states," Owens wrote to X. "We were informed the proposed date could not work for Ben due to the holiday but have not heard back regarding dates that do despite multiple e-mails."


"We are still very keen to make this healthy debate happen regarding Israel and the definition of antisemitism at his earliest convenience!" Owens added.

Neither Shapiro nor Boreing have commented on Greenwald's report as of early Thursday afternoon.

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