Shaman Allegedly Vandalizes YouTuber's House

Boogie2988: 'I dread saying this, but I expect this man to at least beat the s--- out of me. Perhaps kill me'

Shaman Allegedly Vandalizes YouTuber's House

Veteran YouTuber Steven Williams, who goes by the handle Boogie2988, claimed his house was allegedly vandalized by a "medicine man" from whom he previously received services.

Last October, Williams was featured in a documentary, The Dark, Sad Life of Boogie2988, by YouTuber Mike Clum which detailed the veteran YouTuber's career decline and personal struggles. In the documentary, Williams consumed psilocybin "magic" mushrooms as part of a therapy session under the supervision of Ryan Arthur DiLiello, who adopted the moniker "Flaming Star" and described himself as a professional shaman.

On Wednesday, Williams reported his house had been vandalized and claimed DiLiello was responsible for the property damage.

"Oh my God. The 'medicine man' who I worked with in the documentary came to my house and spray painted 'thief' on my house as well as 'pedophile,'" Williams alleged in an X post.


"I am currently 1,000 miles away so I can't take photos," Williams continued in a follow-up post. "Will post them as soon as I get them from roommates."

In another post, Williams shared posts from DiLiello's public Facebook account where he appeared to threaten the veteran YouTuber.

DiLiello also allegedly vandalized Williams' roommate's car by spray-painting the windows.

Boogie detailed his history with DiLiello in a Thursday X post.

"He offered to help me lose weight. Work out and stuff," Williams wrote, claiming DiLiello spent two days at his house before assaulting his elderly dog.

DiLiello also offered to help catalog Williams' Magic the Gathering cards and expressed interest in purchasing the collection, according to Williams.

"He had taken them from my home to have the local card shop owner (owned is a friend) catalog them," Williams wrote. "When I threw him out for assaulting my dog, he said he was gonna keep my cards."

The owner of the card shop was able to stop DiLiello from stealing Williams' cards and the collection was later returned, according to the veteran YouTuber.

"He decided that means I stole from him somehow?" Williams continued. "Both 10k for the two days of working out and also [my] entire magic collection for terminating the deal."

Williams said he will press charges and seek a restraining order against DiLiello.

"I dread saying this, but I expect this man to at least beat the s--- out of me. Perhaps kill me," Williams continued in another post. "He is sincerely unwell."

Williams said he spoke with local police about the incident and was told DiLiello had already spoken with authorities over money Williams allegedly owed him.

"They could tell he was in crisis and tried to get him the mental health help he so desperately needed," Williams wrote. "He refused it and decided to [commit] crimes instead I guess. Then self report on Facebook. He’s having a really tough episode."

"Scary stuff. Feel bad up to a point but once you hurt me or my family it’s hard to care any more," the veteran YouTuber added.

Later Thursday, Williams said DiLiello returned to his home and allegedly harassed his roommate before stealing lids to water meters.

In one Facebook post, DiLiello said he was struggling with three terminal illnesses and claimed to have been robbed seven times since his diagnosis before listing a series of individuals, including Williams, appearing to indicate they owed him money.

"Please go f--- yourself and have a great day!!" DiLiello wrote in the post.

In another post, DiLiello said the city of Fayetteville, Arkansas "chose war" by siding with Williams.

"All the tomahawks are out now," he wrote. "Let's see what happens since everybody wants to play games!"

DiLiello later shared a cryptic post claiming the Fayetteville police department would not arrest someone for theft, though did not directly mention Williams.

"To the citizens that belong to the city of Fayetteville and live within it's [sic] boundaries. I wanted to let you know it's perfectly legal to steal money from anybody," he wrote. "The Fayetteville Police will not arrest anybody for stealing money. You're welcome for this public service announcement. All the tomahawks are out now!!"

DiLiello also shared a video, which was also posted earlier this week, showing him training in hand-to-hand knife combat.

"Steven Williams you are so f----- its [sic] unbelievable," DiLiello wrote, appearing to threaten Williams.

In 2014, DiLiello was arrested in Washington County, Arkansas for domestic battery in the 3rd degree.

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