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Rumble Launches Partnership With 1775 Coffee

Rumble CEO Chris Pavlovski: 'If large corporate advertisers are afraid to advertise with specific audiences, we will just build the product lines to take them on'

Rumble Launches Partnership With 1775 Coffee

Video streaming platform Rumble announced the launch of an exclusive branded coffee product.

Rumble announced the partnership with 1775 Coffee, founded in 2021 by parent company Stardust Group, on Monday.

1775 Coffee currently offers a dark roast, medium roast, available in ground or whole bean, along with a premium peaberry dark roast whole bean.

The coffee brand will later offer coffee accessories for purchase along with an immunity supplement.

"From throwing tea into the Boston harbor to firing the shot heard around the world, coffee fueled revolution. 1775 Coffee is a tribute to patriots, a gritty and determined bunch who STAND up to oppression," 1775 Coffee says of the brand on their website. "Every bag is a salute to people everywhere who have the bravery to fight against tyranny."

The brand notes their commitment to "supporting freedom fighters everywhere" and "quest for freedom of speech" in their partnership with Rumble.

"Every bag of 1775 coffee sold supports rumble creators and their quest for truth," 1775 Coffee's website continues. "This is more than just a mission. It's our patriotic duty to keep the spirit of 1775 alive AND BUILD A PARALLEL ECONOMY THAT PUTS FREEDOM FIRST."

Rumble Chairman and CEO Chris Pavlovski commented on the partnership in an X post.

"If corp advertisers don't want to touch specific audiences, we will prove how valuable the Rumble audience really is," Pavlovski wrote. "I'm looking at scaling the uncancellable Rumble product lines - possibly a beverage, possibly an alcoholic beverage, possibly a phone."

Pavlovski reiterated Rumble's creator-centered business model saying, "Every creator will have ads."

“Not only is Rumble going to lead the way in video and cloud, but we are going to partner with brands that are willing to build long-term advertising relationships with us," Pavlovski continued in a statement published to Rumble's press release. "1775 Coffee is a perfect partner, and we are very excited about this new Rumble-branded product."

“For once, Rumble can easily fill unsold inventory with a product that will add recurring revenue to our bottom line," he continued. "If large corporate advertisers are afraid to advertise with specific audiences, we will just build the product lines to take them on."

Rumble is a Canadian-based YouTube competitor that brands itself as a neutral video platform and seeks to protect a free and open internet, according to the site’s story section.

The company acquired subscription based Patreon competitor, Locals, founded by Rubin, in October 2021. A few months after purchasing Locals, Rumble announced it would go public after entering a deal with global financial services firm CF Acquisition Corp. VI (CFVI). Rumble was initially valued at $2.1 billion, and current stock prices for CFVI are trading at just over $7 per share.

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