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Ray Epps' Attorney Responds To Allegations Of Client's Involvement In Jan. 6

Michael Teter: 'The Absurdity Of The Conspiracy Theory Does Not Stand In The Way Of It Being Spread And Weaponized To Harm Ray'

Ray Epps' Attorney Responds To Allegations Of Client's Involvement In Jan. 6

Ray Epps' attorney, Michael Teter, responded to comments made during a late-July episode of comedian Joe Rogan's podcast regarding his client's alleged involvement in the Capitol riot on January 6, 2021.

During a July 28 episode of The Joe Rogan Experience, Rogan and fellow comedian Jim Gaffigan debated Epps' alleged involvement in Jan. 6 provoking protestors to enter the Capitol.

“Joe Rogan's recent comments show the staying power and consequences of Fox's and Tucker Carlson's lies about Ray Epps,” Teter told the Daily Beast. “For years, Fox targeted Ray and spread falsehoods about him and Fox's viewers used the lies as a basis to harass and threaten Ray.”

“The absurdity of the conspiracy theory does not stand in the way of it being spread and weaponized to harm Ray," the attorney continued. "If Mr. Rogan is truly interested in focusing on who instigated the attack on the Capitol, he would find more truth in looking at the mirror than he does in focusing on a wedding venue owner from Arizona.”

The podcast host insisted he couldn't prove Epps' involvement in the Capitol riot, though noted others who entered or encouraged entrance in the Capitol had been arrested besides Epps.

Rogan referred to surfaced footage of Epps from Jan. 5 insisting protestors should enter the Capitol saying, "He clearly instigated. He did it on camera."

Rogan noted others present during the events leading up to the Capitol riot claimed Epps was a federal agent. The comedian also referenced previous use of "agent provocateurs" by government agencies to influence protests.

"They sent in, allegedly, agent provocateurs, they started smashing buildings and lighting things on fire," Rogan said, referring to the 1999 World Trade Organization "Battle of Seattle" in Washington state. "Now it's not a peaceful protest. Now they can bring in the police."

The comedian noted the creation of a "no protest zone" in which protestors with anti-WTO pins were barred from entry.

"This is a tactic that some government agencies use to stop peaceful protest," Rogan said as Gaffigan pushed back by saying he didn't see why government agencies encouraging agent provocateurs would be "of use."

Rogan disagreed with Gaffigan, suggesting the use of agent provocateurs was a "standard tactic" by government agencies.

"Especially when someone is the enemy of the intelligence agency," Rogan said of the former president. "Trump set himself up against the intelligence agencies. He did it openly and he did it brazenly."

"It's unchecked power. That's the Deep State," the comedian continued. "I think Trump was very open about his disdain for the intelligence agencies. He created enemies in the intelligence agencies."

Rogan added:

I think they were going to get [Trump] in any way they could ... He was openly talking about [intelligence agencies] being incompetent and being corrupt ... It's a very dangerous thing for the President to be at war with the intelligence agencies, and to do it so publicly ...  When you have a gigantic massive protest that a lot of people think is a threat to democracy ... I don't think it's outside the realm of possibility that they would encourage people to do things that were unlawful. Instead of peacefully protesting, which is what everybody was doing on the outside ... to take that and escalate it into entering the Capitol. Now you can lock things down and you have real clear evidence that this President is responsible for this insurrection attempt.

"There's a lot of shenanigans going on on both sides,” he said.

In an April statement to 60 Minutes, the FBI said Epps has never been an employee or source of the agency.

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