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Post Millennial Reporter's Car Broken Into Following Her Reporting On Andy Ngo's Trial

PM: 'Katie Daviscourt Is Brave And We Need More Brave Souls Like Her'

Post Millennial Reporter's Car Broken Into Following Her Reporting On Andy Ngo's Trial

A Post Millennial Reporter's car was broken into and burglarized in a hotel parking lot after covering the final day of Andy Ngo's civil trial against against Rose City Antifa and alleged affiliates.

Katie Daviscourt, who has been reporting on Ngo's trial since it began last week, revealed her car windows had been broken and items were stolen from inside including personal identification documents.

"I'm obviously upset," she wrote.

"Our reporter just had her car f---ed up after her reporting on the Andy Ngo trial," the outlet wrote. "Her crime? Journalism."

"Katie Daviscourt is brave and we need more brave souls like her."

Fellow reporters commented on The Post Millennial reporter's vandalized car.

"After the decision today it's official, Antifa terrorists control Portland," wrote Post Millennial editor and Human Events writer Ari Hoffman. "This is no different than the mafia. People are afraid."

"These people are vile, violent, and diabolical," wrote Turning Point USA's Charlie Kirk.

"You’re braver than most. Good job reporting on these domestic terrorists," wrote Savanah Hernandez. "Your journalism is heroic."

Earlier in the day, Daviscourt was harassed by alleged Antifa affiliates including defendants Elizabeth Renee Richter and John Hacker.

Richter, along with Danialle James and one other figure, confronted Daviscourt inside the courthouse as she waited for an elevator. The group reportedly called Daviscourt a “fascist” and a “liar” regarding her reporting on Ngo’s trial.

“Get in the elevator with us,” the group said. “Why won’t you get in the elevator with us? We want you in here.”

Richter gave The Post Millennial reporter a “death glare,” Daviscourt said per the outlet.

The Post Millennial reporter decided not to enter the elevator out of concern for her safety.

James reportedly assists Richter in an X account which has been used to doxx people.

The Post Millennial reporter informed the outlet about the incident, which involved fellow defendant John Hacker asking, “Why are you lying in your reporting?”

The defendant specifically questioned why Daviscourt had reported on alleged Antifa affiliates harassing people at the courthouse, claiming “right-wingers” were harassing and interrupting court proceedings, per The Post Millennial.

The outlet’s reporter also said “tensions were running high” as the jury went into deliberations.

Later Tuesday afternoon, Daviscourt reported alleged Antifa members were recording footage of her inside the courthouse.

“This not only violates court orders, but it’s the same people that had threatened me earlier,” she wrote, referring to the incident as “press intimidation.”

The Post Millennial reporter said she would have recorded them back in response, though the action would have violated Judge Champone P. Sinlapasai’s orders explicitly banning video recording.

Ngo was also harassed by alleged Antifa affiliates on his way to court Tuesday morning, the outlet reported.

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