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Laura Loomer Releases Ad in Support of Trump

'Most of the footage is from my recent trip to the Darién Gap in Panama'

Laura Loomer Releases Ad in Support of Trump

Laura Loomer has produced a campaign ad in support of former President Donald Trump.

"My production team and I produced this ad in support of President Trump," Loomer wrote Thursday. "Most of the footage is from my recent trip to the Darién Gap in Panama, but some of the other footage is compiled from clips other investigative journalists have captured while exposing the invasion of the United States by criminal illegal aliens."

Loomer also announced more footage would be released in her upcoming documentary on the southern border crisis titled The Great Replacement.

Loomer also shared a link to her GiveSendGo campaign in support of her upcoming documentary.

"From all over the world they came," says Trump as the ad begins.

Images of large crowds of migrants are shown with flags from China, Angola, Afghanistan and other countries.

"Millions of illegal border crossers have entered the country unlawfully," Trump continues as other country flags are depicted. "They're coming by the thousands."

"Nobody could afford this, and even morally it's so wrong," Trump adds.

The ad then features migrants announcing their country of origin along with news broadcasts covering the influx of illegal migrants into the country.

"We will secure our borders, and we will restore our sovereignty," Trump says as crimes committed on American citizens are highlighted, including the tragic death of 22-year-old nursing student Laken Riley, who was allegedly murdered by an illegal immigrant last month.

Loomer notes migrants recognize Biden's policies favor illegal immigration.

"I love you, Biden!" one migrant shouts.

The ad features a brief clip of an interview conducted by Loomer with a prospective migrant. Loomer asks the prospective migrant if he prefers Trump or Biden, to which he replies "Biden, of course."

Loomer used footage from Muckraker.com, 1strespondermedia, and independent journalists Michael Yon, Oscar El Blue, and Masako Ganaha.

On Tuesday, Loomer shared a trailer for her upcoming documentary.

The trailer features a series of corporate media pundits, along with Democratic politicians discussing "The Great Replacement Theory," which they claim to be a conspiracy theory.

The theory claims foreigners are being openly welcomed into the United States in an effort to overhaul the cultural makeup of the country.

Critics referring to the theory as a "conspiracy" cast those discussing the theory as racist and xenophobic.

Others, including former Republican presidential candidate Vivek Ramaswamy, note the theory is baked into progressive Democratic open-borders policies.

On Friday, Trump posted Loomer's ad to Truth Social, writing, "Please watch this. Thank you. MAGA!!!"

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