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Jury Hands Down Not Guilty Verdict in Andy Ngo's Civil Case Against Rose City Antifa

'My hope is that violence will not silence truthful reporting on the activities of these organizations,' said Ngo

Jury Hands Down Not Guilty Verdict in Andy Ngo's Civil Case Against Rose City Antifa

A Portland jury found two members of the Rose City Antifa not guilty on civil charges for their alleged roles in several attacks on journalist Andy Ngo.

Ngo, a senior editor for The Post Millenial, sued members of the group for approximately $1 million in damages for a series of violent attacks that began in 2019. Ngo filed his lawsuit in 2020.

Since July 31, I've been the plaintiff in a trial in Portland to hold what I still consider to be a violent extremist group and its members accountable for their harmful activities,” said Ngo on X on Aug. 8. “Today, the jury returned a disappointing verdict finding John Colin Hacker and Elizabeth Renee Ritcher not liable for assault, battery, and intentional infliction of emotional distress.”

Ngo continued:

This case has been frustrating in its complexity, with several defendants settling or being defaulted before they could be made to answer for their repeated assaults against me. The court dismissed Rose City Antifa on July 14 on the grounds that a nonlegal entity cannot be sued under Oregon law. This sends a dangerous message that violent extremist groups can continue to organize criminal activities in Portland. We saw this message play out throughout the trial, with court proceedings being delayed or halted due to threats of violence and the need to seal the jurors' identities following serious concerns over outside efforts to identify them.

The case was overseen by Judge Champone P. Sinlapasai, who found three alleged Antifa members – Corbyn Katherine Belyea, Madison Lee Allen, and Joseph Christian Evans  – “in default” and will hold them liable for damages.

Defendants John Colin Hacker and Elizabeth Renee Richter, who had discussed Ngo’s assaults online, faced a trial by jury. 

Media coverage of the trial was restricted by Sinlapasai, who only allowed photography during the proceedings. The judge said the restrictions were enacted after threats of violence and doxing were levied against members of the jury.

On May 7, 2019, Hacker poured an unspecified liquid onto Ngo at a 24 Hour Fitness before stealing and breaking the journalist's phone after he began recording the attack. Hacker was reportedly involved in organizing the event that Ngo covered during his initial assault on May 1, 2019.

Rose City Antifa members also reportedly threw “concrete-infused” milkshakes at Ngo on June 29, 2019 from which he sustained brain injuries and underwent months of cognitive therapy to recover.

Ngo was later assaulted by alleged Antifa members while reporting on attacks on the Portland Justice Center on May 28, 2021. Richter allegedly followed Ngo into The Nines Hotel before being removed by hotel staff. She was recorded yelling “I can’t wait for you to come out, Andy!” and “You thought the milkshakes were bad last time? We are going to beat the f--- out of you b----.”

Katie Daviscourt, a reporter for The Post Millenial who has been covering the trial, said in a social media post that there was "substantial evidence produced by during trial" of the defendants' roles in the attacks on Ngo.

"Antifa will be more emboldened now," said Daviscourt. "The city of Portland decided that attacking and doxxing journalists is okay."

“I always knew it would be an uphill battle to win justice for the years of torment and violence I have endured,” said Ngo. “I still believe that these defendants are affiliated with Antifa, and I remain committed to seeking justice.”

The journalist said he is “considering [his] legal options.” 

“My hope is that violence will not silence truthful reporting on the activities of these organizations,” said Ngo.

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