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Journalist De-Banked By Bank Of America Without Reason

Christina Urso: 'Everyone should withdraw their funds from Bank of America if they bank with them and take their business somewhere else'

Journalist De-Banked By Bank Of America Without Reason

Independent journalist Christina Urso's Bank of America account was terminated on Monday without notice.

Urso, who goes by Radix Verum on social media, said her account had been terminated by Bank of America's risk department for no apparent reason.

"I have been with them for years," Urso wrote in an X thread, believing her account's termination was related to her reporting and documentary on Michigan Gov. Gretchen Whitmer's alleged 2020 kidnapping attempt titled Kidnap and Kill: An FBI Terror Plot. "They won't tell me why. They won't allow me access to my bank account or to the funds," she said.

Urso said Bank of America has informed her to be on the lookout for a "check in the mail" with her final balance, though she was not given a timeframe for the arrival of her funds.

"I am traveling at the end of the month for my documentary. Now I have no funds," she continued.

"I have crew members I need to pay," the independent journalist added regarding her upcoming documentary film shoot.

Urso also shared a video of a Bank of America teller informing her that her account had been terminated by the bank's risk department.

"Everyone should withdraw their funds from Bank of America if they bank with them and take their business somewhere else," Urso told SCNR News. "They are currently holding our money and we have no idea when we will get access to it."

Urso added her autopay bills through Bank of America are currently being declined.

"I'm left scrambling to find another bank while being completely unable to access my funds," she continued. "No timeframe for when I'll get the 'check in the mail.'"

Urso said she called Bank of America's risk department, though was not informed why her account had been terminated.

"They refuse to say why, or why they didn't contact me and allow me the opportunity to get another bank lined up," Urso said, adding she was informed Bank of America reserves the right to terminate their business arrangements with customers at any time without explanation. "I asked her if she thinks that's acceptable and she would not say."

According to Bank of America's service agreement, the bank reserves the right to "terminate" a customer's "participation in any or all of your Services for any reason, including inactivity, at any time." Bank of America will attempt to notify customers upon their accounts closure, though is "not obliged to do so," per the service agreement.

Bank of America has previously terminated the accounts of others, including Christian charity organization Indigenous Advance Ministries, along with other Christian customers. The bank cited the organization's "business type," arguing Indigenous Advance Ministries exceeded the bank's "risk tolerance."

"Given the large number of nonprofits we serve that are affiliated with religious organizations, it’s absurd to think religious beliefs are a factor in any account closing decision," Bank of America spokesperson Bill Halldin told Fox News Digital. "Very simply, they are not."

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