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Investigative Journalist Claims Baltimore Bridge Collapse Was 'a 9/11 style attack'

Speculation mounts as to whether the ship collision was the result of cyber warfare

Investigative Journalist Claims Baltimore Bridge Collapse Was 'a 9/11 style attack'

Around 1:30 a.m. on the morning of March 26, a catastrophic event unfolded in Baltimore when a cargo ship struck a pylon supporting the Francis Scott Key Bridge.

Video footage from a camera overlooking the Patapsco River shows the vessel navigating the river, apparently losing power, then veering toward one of the bridge’s pylons.

Upon collision, the bridge immediately collapsed. A mass casualty event was declared, while more than a dozen vehicles and an unspecified number of people remained in the water. Traffic at the port has been suspended until further notice, Maryland transportation officials said.

The incident has raised questions as to whether this was a mere accident, possibly due to a power failure or related malfunction, or if a more sinister motive was at play.

Within hours of the collapse, investigative journalist Lara Logan claimed unnamed intelligence sources confirmed the incident was the result of a cyber-attack, but added the federal government is avoiding stating this publicly.

“Welcome to the world of cyber terrorism,” Logan wrote on social media platform X.

“Acc to intel sources: The Baltimore bridge collapse was a 9/11 style attack but they won’t admit it and we cannot see it because it was a CYBER ATTACK,” she added.

“All the SCADA systems that run our critical infrastructure like sewage, electric grid, shipping etc are all wide open systems with no encryption because it is too expensive. They can shut us down anytime they want,” Logan explained.

In a separate post a few hours earlier, she wrote, “The GPS systems that drive these boats are not encrypted. When a Navy ship crashed into a cargo ship not that long ago, it was a cyber attack that made that happen. I know they are saying this was not ‘nefarious’.  How do they know so quickly? I am not sure but given how often they lie, I am going to reserve judgement for now and keep asking questions.”

TV and radio host Jesse Kelly said after the incident that it would be difficult for anyone to fully understand what happened because the decline in American institutions has rendered them untrustworthy.

“The reason many people have been warning about the destruction of our institutions is exactly what you’re seeing today,” he wrote on X. “No theory about the bridge can be dismissed because we have no official institutions we can trust to tell us the truth. Big problem for a nation. Huge.”

A social media user named Matt Bracken, whose profile indicates he is a former Navy SEAL, said that there will be a “MAJOR economic impact” with nine ports now inaccessible because of the wreckage.

The U.S. Coast Guard has confirmed the ship that struck the bridge was the Singapore-flagged container ship named DALI.

Maritime historian Sal Mercogliano said during a video analysis he believes the incident to have resulted from a loss of power followed by a crew attempting to regain control of the ship.

According to Mercogliano, DALI made a normal departure with a tugboat escort, lost power and began to drift toward the south lane. Black smoke billowing from the cargo ship may indicate an attempt by the pilot to slow the vessel.

Other social media users dispelled the rush to judgement that terrorism was involved.

The DALI has previously been involved in other incidents, including a 2016 crash where it hit a quay at the Port of Antwerp in Belgium.

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