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'I Detest It': Morgan Freeman Takes On Black History Month

'You are going to give me the shortest month in a year? And you are going to celebrate ‘my’ history?!'

'I Detest It': Morgan Freeman Takes On Black History Month

Morgan Freemen recently voiced his disdain for the celebration of Black History Month.

The actor criticized the observance during a Saturday interview with Variety.

"I detest it," the 87-year-old actor told the outlet. "The mere idea of it. You are going to give me the shortest month in a year? And you are going to celebrate ‘my’ history?! This whole idea makes my teeth itch. It’s not right."

Freeman, who is producing the upcoming television series The Gray House, insisted black history was American history.

"It’s the one thing in this world I am interested in, beyond making money, having a good time and getting enough sleep," he added.

The actor related the value of American history to his upcoming project, which is based on the true story of Union spies during the nation's Civil War.

"If you don’t know your past, if you don’t remember it, you are bound to repeat it," Freeman said.

He had previously expressed his distaste for Black History Month during several interviews.

In 2023, the actor said Black History Month was an "insult," along with the term "African-American."

"I don’t subscribe to that title," Freeman said at the time.  "Black people have had different titles all the way back to the n-word and I do not know how these things get such a grip, but everyone uses ‘African-American.’ What does it really mean?"

Freeman went on to argue that other people, including Irish, Italians, and Europeans, weren't referred to by their country of origin.

"And you say Africa as if it’s a country when it’s a continent, like Europe," he added.

In a viral video from 2005, the actor infamously said Black History Month was "ridiculous."

60 Minutes host Mike Wallace noted his Jewish heritage, prompting Freeman to ask which month celebrated Jewish history.

"There isn't one," Wallace responded.

"Do you want one?" Freeman asked, to which Wallace said he did not.

"I don't either," the actor added.



"You're gonna relegate my history to a month?" Freeman continued. "Which month is white history month?"

"I don't want a Black History Month. Black history is American history," Freeman continued, adding the best strategy to end racism was to "stop talking about it."

"I am going to stop calling you a White man, and I'm going to ask you to stop calling me a black man," Freeman told the interviewer, noting the two would refer to each other by their name in conversation rather than their ethnicity.

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