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Haley Shares Messages From Supporters, X Users Suspicious Of Their Legitimacy

Users noted the glaring presence of a 'send' button in one message from an alleged supporter

Haley Shares Messages From Supporters, X Users Suspicious Of Their Legitimacy

Republican presidential candidate Nikki Haley shared a series of notes and emails from supporters to her X account.

Platform users noted suspicious signs that the messages appeared to be staged by Haley's campaign in an effort to drum-up support.

Haley shared one note that appeared to be created digitally by a woman named Mary A. encouraging Haley to "keep pressing on."

"We need a competent and committed leader to stay the course in the bid for the presidency," Mary wrote. "I'm an independent and I have voted for the BEST candidate every election cycle, and this year it's Nikki!"

Haley shared another message in email format from a supporter named Michael B.

"PLEASE DO NOT GIVE UP YOUR FIGHT!!" Michael wrote. "In a world that's become crazy with strife, we need a level headed conservative leader to navigate us through the insanity!"

The supporter suggested nobody was more capable than Haley to "right the ship, and heal this great nation!"

"WE NEED you Nikki! This country NEEDS you!" Michael continued. "Our allies, and the beautiful people of this world need you!"

"I don't want to see you give up, and I guarantee you there are millions more out there who feel exactly as I do!" Michael's message concluded.

X users called the legitimacy of Haley's messages from supporters into question.

One user noted the font in the first message was Bees Burts font, appearing to confirm the message was digitally created.

Another user named “Dr. Vox Oculi” noted a consistency in the letters of the message, similarly suggesting it was digitally created.

"All the letters are the same in the note, that's clearly a digital font," the account wrote. "And why is email typed up, but not sent?"

"So bizarrely amateur for a presidential candidate who knows she won't win," they added.

Other users also noted the email to Haley suspiciously depicted a "send" button.

"Do you know what the send button is for, honey?" wrote Media Right News. "Bless your heart."

"People are dunking on Nikki Haley because the send button isn't pressed, but it actually gets worse," wrote another user who suggested the entire email image was fabricated. "The icons are oddly compressed and that purple star next to the send button doesn't exist."

On Tuesday, Haley similarly shared a series of messages from supporters to X.

"Our campaign has been flooded with notes and emails from folks across the country who want to make America normal again," she wrote. "They know that we can do better than two 80-year-old names from the past."

"I'm fighting everyday to make you proud — let's go!" Haley added.

The Tuesday messages shared by Haley similarly express support for the Republican candidate, urging her not to suspend her campaign.

Two of the images from Tuesday appear to be hand-written, while another two appear to use the same Bees Burts font as Thursday's message.

Trump currently holds a commanding 53.5-point advantage over Haley, according to RealClearPolitics.

The two remaining Republican candidates will face off in the Nevada primary on Feb. 8.

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