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Donald Trump Says He is 'Greatly Honored' by the Iowa Caucus Results

'I feel really invigorated and strong for our country,' said the former president after the early projections of his victory

Donald Trump Says He is 'Greatly Honored' by the Iowa Caucus Results

Former President Donald Trump says he is “greatly honored” by the results of the 2024 Iowa Caucus.

The first event of this year’s presidential election cycle was called early — before 9 p.m. Eastern Standard Time – in favor of the real estate mogul.

"I feel great," Trump told Fox News Digital shortly after the media company called the contest in his favor. "I am greatly honored by such an early call."

“It really is an honor that, minutes after, they’ve announced I’ve won—against very credible competition—great competition, actually," he continued. "It is a tremendous thing and a tremendous feeling.”

Trump stressed that the United States needed to change its current course in order to remain strong.

“We have to get our country back," he warned. "Our country has gone through so many bad things over the last three years and it is continuing to go through bad things."

“I feel really invigorated and strong for our country,” Trump said. 

Trump has been the consistent front-runner among this year’s Republican presidential hopefuls, which include former United Nations Ambassador Nikki Haley and Florida Governor Ron DeSantis.

Still, Trump lost the last contested Republican primary in Iowa in 2016 to Texas Senator Ted Cruz by just over 3%.

The early declaration of Trump’s victory surprised even veteran corporate press veterans.

CNN's Jake Tapper said the network was able to project Trump’s win because of his “overwhelming lead” in its entrance polls as well as some initial votes.

“A huge early victory in his bid to return to the White House – easily defeating his top opponents,” said Tapper. “This is the earliest I can remember ever calling such a thing.”

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