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Biden Tells Reporters Putin is 'Clearly Losing the War in Iraq' in Latest Blunder

Biden Tells Reporters Putin is 'Clearly Losing the War in Iraq' in Latest Blunder

President Joe Biden has asserted that Russian President Vladimir Putin is "losing the war in Iraq" in the 80-year-old's latest blunder.

The US and its allies invaded Iraq in 2003, nearly two decades before the conflict between Russia and Ukraine.

While speaking to reporters, Biden asserted, “It’s hard to tell but he’s clearly losing the war in Iraq.”

“He’s losing the war at home, and he has become a bit of a pariah around the world,” Biden continued, without correcting himself. “And it’s not just NATO. It’s not just the European Union. It’s Japan. It’s, you know, 40 nations.”

Biden made the same mistake at a fundraiser the night before, where he also did not correct himself.

"Think about this," Biden said according to the White House transcript, "if anybody told you — and my staff wasn't so sure, either — that we'd be able to bring all of Europe together in the onslaught on Iraq and get NATO completely united, I think they would have told you it's not likely. The one thing Putin counted on was being able to split NATO."

Naturally, social media users were quick to mock the comment and point out his long record of major gaffes.

"Joe Biden has totally lost the plot," the Senate Republicans Twitter account wrote, quote tweeting the video.

"I don’t think this is funny. Just concerning that the US Commander in Chief is unaware that the largest continental war in Europe since WWII is being waged in Europe, not the Middle East," writer Yoni Michanie said.

Abigail Monroe, communications director for Sen. Josh Hawley wrote, "Biden is clearly losing his war with sanity."

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