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Alleged Antifa Affiliated X Account Shares Video Taunting Andy Ngo Supporters Outside Courthouse

'Andy Ngo F---ing Lost! ... You Fash-Maggot Loser!'

Alleged Antifa Affiliated X Account Shares Video Taunting Andy Ngo Supporters Outside Courthouse

An account on X, formerly known as Twitter, shared a video of what appears to be alleged Antifa affiliates taunting supporters of Post Millennial senior editor Andy Ngo outside Multnomah Courthouse in Portland, Oregon after the jury found defendants not guilty in the senior editor's civil trial against alleged Antifa affiliates.

The video shared by @RisingPDX, which is believed to be run by defendant Elizabeth Renee Richter, according to Ngo and his team, begins outside Multnomah courthouse zooming in on a man who appears to be recording the alleged Antifa affiliates.

"Look at this loser," says one woman behind the camera.

"Nazis lost today," says a man as the woman laughs.

"Look at these mad f---s," she says as the video pans to other supporters, including freelance photographer Chelly Bouferrache who was banned from reporting at the courthouse after allegations of misconduct were made by alleged Antifa affiliates last week. "These b----es were kicked out."

The woman continues laughing saying "I don't give a f---."

The man expresses concern over "right-wingers" knowing his identity.

"F--- these right-winger maggots," the woman says, calling them "losers."

Another woman behind the camera asks about defendant John Hacker's whereabouts to which the first woman says they're waiting on him to exit the courthouse.

The group recording approaches the man seen in the beginning of the video as the woman calls him a "right-wing maggot" while passing by.

"Look at this fat-faced b----," the woman says approaching Bouferrache. "Evicted and you lost."

The woman calls the freelance photographer a loser as the man chimes in, "And you're a Nazi."

The group crosses the street mocking Ngo's supporters saying they were creating distance so they don't feel intimidated referencing previous reports made by supporters of Ngo's regarding run-ins with alleged Antifa affiliates throughout the course of the trial.

"We all know they like to feel intimidated," the woman says before laughing again. "F---ing losers!"

"Andy Ngo f---ing lost! Report that s--- while you're recording me, b----!" the woman continues. "You guys wanted to make us look so f---ing bad and now you lost in the court of law!"

The group continues laughing and jeering at the handful of Ngo supporters.

"Lost in the system you maggots thought were on your f---ing side!" the woman yells. "They saw you for the fash-maggot you are!"

"You fascist maggots lost in the court!" she says laughing. "F--- you maggots. Post on the fact that you lost! You f---ing loser. You fash-maggot loser!"

"Andy Ngo is a lying loser!" the woman says as the man calls out to Ngo's supporters. "Liars."

"Cancel Andy," the man continues as the woman points out Ngo's supporters. "Andy camp is over now."

The video concludes as the group leaves to meet defendant Hacker shouting "Bye, losers!"

"It's disheartening as a journalist diligently pursuing the truth, only to be unjustly ousted from a courtroom due to baseless claims by the defense," Bouferrache told Timcast News. "I continued to do my job the only place I could, outside of the courthouse, filming the defendants and plaintiffs leaving."

She continued:

It was then, very shocking, to be filmed and mocked by supporters of the defense after they’d all claimed I couldn’t cover the trial because I was an intimidating presence and they were scared of what I might do to them. This is “justice” Portland style. The thugs, communists and anarchists rule the courthouse and the streets. ... It was scary standing outside with them while they mocked me. They’d done this all along in the courthouse hallways and in the courtroom themselves. All the while claiming to be scared of Katie Daviscourt and I.

Bouferrache added: "We were just there to cover the trial fairly and do our jobs."

Timcast News reached out to another person present outside the courthouse, though did not immediately respond for comment.

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