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Diplomatic Sources at G7 Say Biden Is 'Worst He's Ever Been'

Sources at the summit reportedly say they have doubts that Biden will 'get through the next four years'

Diplomatic Sources at G7 Say Biden Is 'Worst He's Ever Been'

As part of this week’s G7 meeting, world leaders watched as parachute jumpers descended to the ground bearing the flags of allied nations.

During the event, President Joe Biden, long suspected of experiencing some form of cognitive decline, wandered off and had to be wrangled by Italian Prime Minister Giorgia Meloni.

Almost immediately, social media was flooded with outrage, concern, and speculation about the state of the president’s health.

This incident was hardly unique — two years ago, Biden was wrangled by a giant Easter bunny during a celebration at the White House.

However, following this week’s episode at the meeting with G7 countries, world leaders are openly questioning Biden’s health and competency for office.

After Biden’s freeze, multiple unnamed officials told Harry Cole, political editor at The Sun, that Biden had been “losing focus” during the gathering.

One official said, “It’s the worst he has ever been.”

Cole says that the other heads of state stood watching Biden with a “puzzled look on their faces,” while French President Emmanuel Macron, UK Prime Minister Rishi Sunak, and Meloni stared at him before turning and gazing at each other.

Afterwards, diplomatic sources told Cole that Biden’s decline is “bad” and is obvious:

He ducked out for dinner last night... But my sources, diplomatic sources here, say is the worst they've ever seen Joe Biden, and he's in a bad way.

He's losing focus in meetings. Sometimes he's very sharp sometimes, he's very much not. So, some worrying developments there.

Last night there was an awkward moment with President Biden where he was looking very doddery.

He was wandering around, he sort of wandered off and Giorgia Meloni, the Italian premier had to sort of guide him back to the crowd. It was quite painful viewing.

Everyone's putting a slight brave face on it this morning. We've got some more for that for the paper tomorrow. But you can see from that footage yourself, can't you?

This is getting embarrassing now. It makes you really wonder how President Biden is gonna be able to run an election campaign in October and November for re-election and if that is a man who really thinks he's going to get through the next four years.

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