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Two Arrested Following Brief Standoff After 'Ambush' Killing Of Local Georgia Deputies

Two Arrested Following Brief Standoff After 'Ambush' Killing Of Local Georgia Deputies

Christopher Golden, the man who shot and killed two Cobb County Sheriff's deputies while they were attempting to serve a warrant, was arrested after a brief standoff in Georgia.

According to Cobb County Sheriff Craig Owens, no one in the department could remember the last time a deputy had died in the line of duty by anything other than a traffic accident.

“What I can tell you in this moment is … my two deputies were ambushed this evening and killed,” Owens said. “The two suspects we believe are the perpetrators of this crime are currently in custody and are being held at the Cobb County Police Department for questioning.”

"Last night was a horrible night for us here in Cobb County. We lost two great deputies. With that being said, we lost Deputy Jonathan Pulaski and Deputy Marshall Irving Jr., a 38-year-old deputy with two children," Owens said before turning over to the chief of the local police department that handled the negotiation with the suspects and investigation that followed the shooting. The names of the deputies, who local official described as "ambushed" following the news of the deaths, had not been previously publicly released.

"It's really impossible to put into words what we're feeling at the Cobb County police department. We express our deepest condolences," Cobb County Police Department Chief Stuart VanHoozer said.

During a press conference that took place this evening, VanHoozer gave the following remarks:

Last night, at approximately 7:45, the Cobb County Sheriff's Department was attempting to serve an arrest warrant while they were doing so, two of the deputies attempted to take Mr. Christopher Cook into custody at the address in the driveway. While they were doing that, they were confronted by an individual inside the home with a weapon. Both deputies gave that individual loud, clear verbal commands to drop the weapon. He did not do that. At that point, there was an exchange of gunfire between the subject and the deputies. Both deputies were struck by gunfire and both deputies succumbed to the their wounds.  The individuals inside the home who was armed and who shot the individuals was named Christopher Golden. After a brief standoff inside the home both Christopher Golden and Christopher Cook came out and surrendered to the police.

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