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Trump Attorneys Show Fulton County DA and Special Prosecutor May Have Committed Perjury

Geolocation data shows Nathan Wade Visited Fani Willis' Condo Dozens of Times During the Year Before They Said The Relationship Began

Trump Attorneys Show Fulton County DA and Special Prosecutor May Have Committed Perjury

New information uncovered by former President Donald Trump's attorneys shows Fulton County District Attorney Fani Willis and Nathan Wade, the special prosecutor she tapped to handle her criminal prosecution against Trump, may have lied under oath during recent court proceedings.

The pair recently testified under oath following accusations made by Michael Roman, one of 18 co-defendants in Willis’ case against the former president, who stated in a court filing that Willis and Wade were engaging in an inappropriate sexual relationship.

Roman’s court filing was joined by a separate filing from Wade’s wife, who is pursuing a divorce and has presented banking records showing that Willis and Wade had taken multiple trips together.

Following a subpoena to wireless provider AT&T, Trump’s attorneys have obtained cellphone records — voice, text history, and location data — for Wade’s phone, according to a new court filing from Feb. 23.

Trump’s team obtained the cellphone data through a board-certified criminal defense investigator who used an analytics tool called CellHawk, which is used by law enforcement agencies.

Willis and Wade have maintained their relationship did not begin until 2022. However, the newly uncovered cellphone data show Wade visited her residence dozens of times during the previous year. 

Cellphone movements show that Wade appears to have visited Willis’ condo in Hapeville at least 35 times in 2021, contradicting her claim that he never visited her home more than 10 times before he was hired.

Geolocation data also shows that on several occasions, Wade arrived late at night at the condo and left early the following morning months before the pair said their relationship began. Both testified last week that they did not spend the night together at the condo.

As explained in the Atlanta Journal Constitution (AJC), the timeline is important because: 1) If Willis and Wade were in a relationship before she hired him, she may have violated at least the spirit of anti-nepotism rules, and 2) Given they both testified under oath that their relationship did not begin until 2022, Trump’s defense attorneys may now be able to prove they committed perjury.

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