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Senator Tillis Accuses Marjorie Taylor Greene of 'Dragging Our Brand Down'

'She is a total waste of time. She is a horrible leader,' said the Republican from North Carolina

Senator Tillis Accuses Marjorie Taylor Greene of 'Dragging Our Brand Down'

A Republican senator has accused Georgia Congresswoman Marjorie Taylor Greene of damaging the party’s public image.

Senator Thom Tillis of North Carolina gave the representative a negative review during an interview with CNN’s Erin Burnett. 

“I think she’s uninformed,” said Tillis in an audio clip Burnett played on her April 23 show, per Mediaite. “She is a total waste of time. She is a horrible leader. She is dragging our brand down. She – not the Democrats – are the biggest risks to us getting back to a majority.”

Greene is currently leading efforts to oust Speaker of the House Mike Johnson for his support for a $95 billion foreign aid bill. The package includes $8 billion of aid for the Indo-Pacific, $26 billion for Israel, and $61 billion for Ukraine. Greene filed her motion on March 22, just before the House went on a two-week recess. 

“I filed the motion to vacate today, but it’s more of a warning and a pink slip,” the congresswoman told reporters after filing the motion, per CNN. “I respect our conference. I paid all my dues to my conference. I’m a member in good standing, and I do not wish to inflict pain on our conference and to throw the House into chaos.”

Greene’s campaign has the support of Kentucky Congressman Thomas Massie and Arizona Congressman Paul Gosar.

Nearly 11 million illegal aliens have crossed our southern border in the past three years,” Gosar said in a press release. “My congressional district in Arizona, ground zero for the invasion, is getting pummeled by the surge of lawbreakers. These illegal aliens have brought violent crime, deadly drugs, human trafficking and are depleting resources and services meant for U.S. citizens. In fact, every state has become a border state.”

“Congress cannot continue to turn a blind eye to the consequence of Biden’s disastrous open border policies, nor can it idly wait for Biden to halt this invasion through executive fiat.  Congress has the responsibility to solve this crisis,” he continued. “We need a Speaker who puts America first rather than bending to the reckless demands of the warmongers, neo-cons and the military industrial complex making billions from a costly and endless war half a world away.”

Tillis was a strong proponent of the foreign aid package. He stressed the importance of sending additional funding and resources to Ukraine in March before the House went into recess. 

“Time is of the essence,” Tillis told Semafor at the time. “I said earlier, can you imagine if you’re a soldier in a trench somewhere in Ukraine being shelled right now looking at Congress going, ‘Oh, we want to support Ukraine. Oh where’s the time, we’re going on recess. We’ll pick this up in two weeks.’ This is life consequences with the delay so we need to move quickly.”

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