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Sen. Grassley Releases Document Confirming Biden Family Bribery Scheme

FBI document contradicts Biden's previous statements, while showing the Bidens coerced Ukrainian officials into paying them $10 million to protect a Ukrainian gas company

Sen. Grassley Releases Document Confirming Biden Family Bribery Scheme

U.S. Senator Chuck Grassley has released a document showing potentially illicit ties between the family of President Joe Biden and overseas contacts in Ukraine.

Multi-year investigations have taken place among congressional officials and journalists trying to unravel the mystery surrounding alleged corruption and payments totaling millions of dollars being transferred from Ukrainian businessmen to multiple accounts held by members of the Biden family, including President Biden himself.

Members of the House Oversight Committee have sought a reporting document produced by the FBI, called an FD-1023 form, which lays out in great detail the Bureau and Department of Justice’s (DOJ’s) knowledge that the Bidens were taking millions of dollars in what appear to be bribes.

According to the FD-1023, a confidential human source CHS for the Bureau told the FBI that executives for Burisma, a Ukrainian gas company, brought the president’s son, Hunter Biden, onto the board to “protect us through his dad, from all kinds of problems,” as explained in a news release from Grassley’s office.

Burisma wanted to do business in the U.S., but was facing a corruption investigation in Ukraine, which was led by a prosecutor named General Viktor Shokin. Regarding the investigation’s impact on Burisma’s ambitions, the company’s CEO Mykola Zlochevsky said, “Don’t worry Hunter will take care of all of those issues through his dad,” according to the FBI document.

Zlochevsky reportedly said he needed to pay $5 million to Hunter Biden, and another $5 million to Joe Biden in an arrangement described as “poluchili” — a Russian crime slang term for being “forced or coerced to pay,” the FD-1023 shows.

In 2018, at an event hosted by the Council on Foreign relations, Joe Biden admitted to having the Ukrainian prosecutor investigating Burisma fired by threatening to withhold $1 billion in financial aid to the Ukrainian government. The newly released FBI document shows that Burisma paid Joe Biden and Hunter Biden $10 million so that Joe Biden, who was Vice President of the United States at the time, would withhold aid to pressure the Ukrainian government to fire the prosecutor investigating the company.

Former President Donald Trump was impeached for urging Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky to look into those business dealings. Joe Biden has previously claimed that he pushed for Shokin’s firing because Shokin wasn’t investigating Burisma, and denied doing so to help his son’s company — statements contradicted by the details outlined in the FD-1023.

According to the CHS, Burisma’s CEO has “many text messages” and a total of 17 recordings involving the Bidens — two of which include Joe Biden, and the remaining 15 recordings of Hunter Biden — which confirm that he was coerced to pay the Bidens to ensure the prosecutor was fired.

Zlochevsky also said that he has two documents (thought to be financial records, such as wire transfer statements, bank records, etc.) that show payments to the Bidens were made.

“For the better part of a year, I’ve been pushing the Justice Department and FBI to provide details on its handling of very significant allegations from a trusted FBI informant implicating then-Vice President Biden in a criminal bribery scheme,” Grassley said in the news release. “While the FBI sought to obfuscate and redact, the American people can now read this document for themselves, without the filter of politicians or bureaucrats, thanks to brave and heroic whistleblowers. What did the Justice Department and FBI do with the detailed information in the document? And why have they tried to conceal it from Congress and the American people for so long? The Justice Department and FBI have failed to come clean, but Chairman Comer and I intend to find out.”

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