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‘Science is About Skepticism’: Dr. Peter McCullough Discusses ‘Vaccine Ideology’ at LNC

‘There has been a clear groupthink about stripping civil liberties away from people’

‘Science is About Skepticism’: Dr. Peter McCullough Discusses ‘Vaccine Ideology’ at LNC

WASHINGTON, D.C.—Dr. Peter McCullough discussed a trend he referred to as “vaccine ideology” during a morning speech aimed at Libertarians.

McCullough spoke for about an hour in the Crystal Ballroom of the Washington Hilton in D.C.

A cardiologist by profession, McCullough has gained notoriety over the past several years after making several viral media appearances, most notably on The Joe Rogan Experience in 2021.

McCullough presented a counternarrative regarding the history of vaccine contamination and safety concerns, with a focus on the need for prioritizing safety in modern medicine. He also discussed the origins of COVID-19, the suppression of early treatment strategies, and the lack of transparency in reporting adverse events.

“Through the whole history of infectious diseases and vaccines, all the infectious diseases were going away or gone by the time the vaccines came in – all of them,” he said. “Smallpox and measles went away because people had better cleanliness, and we started washing bedsheets and we realized we can't have kids sleeping together in the same bed who's sick with these illnesses. Polio went away because the water supply was cleaned up – not because of vaccines.”

He claimed only five to 10 percent of the world’s population had received an injection against smallpox when the infectious disease was declared eradicated.

“[It] couldn't have been the vaccine,” McCullough said. “But this vaccine ideology or hubris got a hold of mankind over the last 300 years. And the ideology says we are inherently vulnerable, we are susceptible, and through the brilliance of mankind and science, we can make God's creation even better by taking a vaccine. That's vaccine ideology. That's the hubris that these scientists carry with them.”

He went on to explain that gain-of-function represented an attempt by establishment agencies to outsmart nature by making an organism more infectious and lethal. Then, biolabs create vaccines or a therapeutic as a countermeasure.

“This is the business of biolabs,” he began. “Make a biological threat and then make ... a countermeasure and whoever holds those threats … in their company portfolio …  and holds the secrets to those, holds power – unlimited amounts of power, unlimited amounts of money.”

McCullough added: “We don't hear about defense contractors and new missile systems and defense systems anymore. We hear about biological threats and countermeasures. This is the new currency of warfare.”

In his view, mass vaccination efforts have become compulsory because “it's hard for modern medicine to get it right the first time and to have it be safe and effective.”

He continued:

That mentality was in the 19th century with the smallpox vaccine and that mentality snapped in very quickly with the COVID-19 vaccine campaign, very quickly. What happened from 2020 forward in the last four years has led to the greatest loss of life in our country since the Civil War, we have several war-level casualties. And from our two mainstream Republican Democratic candidates, they can't even articulate what I just did in the last 30 minutes. They can't. They can't even put this together. We barely had any senators or congressmen that can put it together.

Our public health agencies all over the world have never had an open microphone question and answer session ever over the last four years. Our medical schools have never had a public forum for people to ask questions, and our healthcare systems in every community in the world have been completely stonewalled on what's happened over the last four years. It's been simultaneous. It has been complete.

Not a single person on the White House task force could articulate the problem, let alone the solution. Not a single chairman of medicine in the United States could articulate the problem or the solution. Not a single one. It's astonishing.

McCullough then appealed to Libertarians regarding personal autonomy and inalienable rights.

“There has been a clear groupthink about stripping civil liberties away from people,” he said. “You don't want somebody shoving a pill down your throat, or a needle in your arm."

He also encouraged the crowd to do their own research: "Science is about skepticism," he said.

After his speech concluded, McCullough was confronted by a man who claimed COVID was a psy-op.

“He's making the case that the virus doesn't exist, that this was a psy-op, it was just the flu,” McCullough told SCNR News. “And I said, ‘Well listen, the flu doesn't cause blood clots in the lungs, because the virus has been isolated. It's been cultured, the Chinese make a vaccine out of the whole virus with genomic sequences known, you can see the virus on electron microscopy. And then when it causes the syndrome it's distinctly different than the flu. It's a very different syndrome.’”

“This idea of, Oh, it's just the flu, they're just doing a psy-op.  It's like, no, I mean, come on, people have died in my family. This is not a joke. That type of attack is very, very counterproductive,” he added.

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