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FBI Corroborated Parts of Document Showing Bidens Accepted $10 Million Bribe, Source Says

New report contradicts corporate press claims that the report about Biden accepting bribes was 'unverified'

FBI Corroborated Parts of Document Showing Bidens Accepted $10 Million Bribe, Source Says

Yesterday, Sen. Chuck Grassley’s office released an explosive document detailing a conversation the FBI had with a confidential human source (CHS) who told them about a multi-million dollar bribery scheme involving President Joe Biden and his son.

The FBI memo contained testimony from the CHS who told the FBI that executives for Burisma, a Ukrainian gas company, bribed Joe Biden and his son Hunter Biden with $10 million.

Immediately after the document was published, legacy news outlets (including CNN, ABC, the Associated Press, MSNBC, and more) covered the story using a qualifier stating in the headline that the FBI memo was “unverified.”

Just a day later, a new report was published by the Daily Mail confirming that much of the account in the FBI memo about the Biden family accepting bribes from Ukrainian officials was indeed corroborated by the FBI.

“This was a CHS [confidential human source] that had a long relationship with the FBI, had given information that was used in multiple other investigations unrelated to Burisma or the Bidens,” the insider close to the investigation told Daily Mail.

The FBI FD-1023 report details claims from the CHS that Burisma’s CEO, Mykola Zlochevsky, paid $5 million to Joe Biden and another $5 million to Hunter Biden in exchange for Joe Biden (who then served as Vice-President of the United States) using his influence to kill an investigation into Burisma, so the company could do business in the U.S.

According to Daily Mail’s unnamed law enforcement source, the FBI was able to corroborate some of the informant’s claims in 2020.

“There were multiple meetings alleged overseas. Some of the CHS's claims were corroborated against the CHS travel records, and contemporary knowledge from the handler about him attending meetings with Zlochevsky and other people present,” the source said.

Public records also match some of the statements made by the CHS, the outlet reported.

The source said they believe prosecutors within the Department of Justice (DOJ) were reluctant to pursue the case because of the political sensitivity of embroiling Joe Biden (who was then a candidate in the 2020 election) in a criminal probe.

“They were scared of their own shadows. They were so worried about what they were doing and the sensitivity of it,” the source said. 'This was an election year and there were a lot of eyes on it.”

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