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Donald Trump Endorses Mark Robinson in North Carolina Gubernatorial Race

'I think you are Martin Luther King times two,' said the former president

Donald Trump Endorses Mark Robinson in North Carolina Gubernatorial Race

Former President Donald Trump endorsed North Carolina’s lieutenant governor, who is aiming to become his state’s next governor in November.

Lt. Governor Mark Robinson gained national notoriety in 2018 when he spoke in favor of gun rights and law enforcement at a Greensboro City Council meeting. He was elected lieutenant governor in 2020 and announced his gubernatorial campaign in April of 2023.

Trump described Robinson as “Martin Luther King on steroids” during a rally in Greensboro on March 2.

“I think you’re better than Martin Luther King,” said the 45th president, per AP News. “I think you are Martin Luther King times two.”

Robinson, who grew up in Greensboro, thanked Trump for his endorsement.

“I am humbled to have his endorsement. The failed Biden-Stein agenda of the Democrat party has brought our country to crisis,” said the Republican in a press release. “We need more bold fighters like Pres. Donald Trump. I look forward to partnering with him to take on the failed Biden-Stein agenda, lead our united Republican ticket to victory in November, and get our state and country back on track.”

Prior to his current office, Robinson was a part of the board of the National Rifle Association.

As Lieutenant Governor I have had the privilege to work on a lot of issues, but my main focus has been on education,” Robinson said in a message on his campaign website. “I have been a vocal proponent of parents knowing what their children are being taught. I have supported providing opportunities for all students to have an education that best suites them, whether that’s in a private school, charter school, home school, or public school.”

Robinson also highlights his support of “workforce development programs” to give students more opportunities for success after high school and his efforts to secure $11 million for apprenticeship programs. 

North Carolina’s governor race is predicted to be highly competitive. Robinson is currently favored to win his party’s nomination while Attorney General Josh Stein is expected to be the Democratic gubernatorial candidate.

“The prospective matchup between Stein and Robinson is poised to feature many of the same themes that will define the national 2024 campaign,” reports NBC News. “Republicans are prepared to tie Stein to President Joe Biden, whose approval ratings are deeply underwater in the state. Democrats are eager to paint Robinson as an extremist on reproductive rights, education and LGBTQ issues, utilizing a lengthy paper trail of controversial public statements he’s made over many years.”

Elon News Network observed that Robinson would be North Carolina’s first black governor while Stein would be the state’s first Jewish governor.

According to a poll from Carolina University’s Center for Survey Research, Robinson and Stein would tie during a hypothetical general election with 41% each. The poll also found that a third-party candidate would likely earn 4% while 14% of the votes would be undecided.

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