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Congresswoman Maxine Waters Predicts 'More Killings' if Trump is Elected

The Democrat said Trump is 'motivational' to 'many of those who are racist'

Congresswoman Maxine Waters Predicts 'More Killings' if Trump is Elected

Congresswoman Maxine Waters linked President Donald Trump’s possible reelection to an increase in violence.

The California Democrat used her June 23 interview with MSNBC as her chance to make an ominous prediction about the public’s reaction to a Trump win in November.

“I’m very concerned, not only about my safety and not only about the safety of members of Congress,” she said, per The Daily Wire. “I’m concerned about the safety of so many people in this country, particularly people of color. Donald Trump has said that if he does not win, it is going to be fraud, and because it is going to be fraud, there will be blood in the streets.”

“He threatens about a civil war, and he threatens there’s going to be violence,” Waters, who is currently serving her 17th term, continued. “I would say all of this talk is motivational with many of those who are racist, who are sitting at home listening to him, and they are taking him up on his threats even before the elections take place.

The representative claims that “thousands, maybe millions of people” are being “threatened and are “at risk because of Donald Trump and his desire to seek revenge on anything and everybody.”

Waters said Trump’s remarks while campaigning – as well as the January 6 riot – would lead to “more killings.”

“I think Donald Trump has to take responsibility for what he is saying about blood in the streets and violence if he is not elected to be the president of the United States of America,” she said.

Waters has repeatedly condemned Trump and his supporters. In 2018, she encouraged her supporters at a Los Angeles rally to “create a crowd” and “tell them they are not welcome” if they saw a member of Trump’s cabinet in a public place. In early June, she suggested Trump’s condemnation of his conviction in New York was a call for violence. She said she planned to “spend some time with the criminal justice system” and ask if “domestic terrorists” are “preparing a civil war against us.”

How far is this going to go?" she said, per WSET. "Are they going to be attacking? Whom are they going to attack? What are we going to do? We're trying to get an investigation going about that."

Waters called Trump a “dangerous human being” in May and said that he “does not believe in the Constitution” and “wants to be a dictator.” She said “people who are aligned with him” are “planning a civil war.”

I want to know about all of those right-wing organizations that he’s connected with who are training up in the hills somewhere and targeting what communities they’re going to attack,” said the congresswoman while speaking with MSNBC.

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